Injured young woman calls law firm after accident to start intake process

When you realize you need an attorney’s help, the first step is making that initial phone call. But if you’ve never called a law office before, you may not know what the intake process will be like. We can assure you, at Brooks Law Group, there’s nothing to worry about. All law firms are different, but here’s what to expect when you call us to start a new case.

Starting the Intake Process

The first person you’ll be connected with is one of our intake specialists. These are staff members who are specially trained to take the facts of your claim. We have a blog post all about why intake specialists are so important. Check it out to learn more about the role they play in our firm! They can’t give you legal advice, but they are a wealth of knowledge and are able to help with all case types.

When you first talk to the intake specialist, they’ll start by getting your contact information. This includes your full name, phone number, email address, and mailing address. Make sure you give the most up to date information so that you’re easy to reach after the initial consultation. If you’re calling on behalf of others involved in an incident, it’s helpful to have their contact information handy.

Intake specialists will also ask for personal information like your date of birth, marital status, and your employer. They also need to know if you’ve used an attorney for this claim before. This is all information that will help attorneys later on if we take your case. It helps them be able to hit the ground running when the case opens. All information is kept strictly confidential, no matter what. You can feel safe giving this information to our intake specialists at Brooks Law Group.

Facts of the Case

Once the intake specialist has your basic information, they’ll ask you to describe the incident. Our clients experience many different hardships, ranging from motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls to wrongful deaths. Whatever claim type you have, our intake specialists are ready. They’ll have you describe what happened as they take detailed notes. After your conversation, they’ll hand these notes off to our attorneys, so give as much detail as you can.

If you were in a car accident, make sure you have the crash report or exchange information. The intake specialist will ask for your insurance information, plus the insurance information for other drivers involved. If anyone got a ticket in the accident, be ready to give that information as well.

Businesses usually require employees to fill out a report if someone suffers a slip and fall on their property. Try to have a copy of this report on hand when you call. Any other documentation about your incident is helpful, and it’s better to be over prepared!

Completing the Intake Process

When you’ve given our intake specialist all the incident information, they may ask to send you some documents to sign. These digital documents just give our lawyers the ability to look into your case on your behalf. Usually you can sign these from your phone while the intake specialist walks you through them. Hiring an attorney has never been easier!

The intake specialist will then pass your information along to one of our attorneys to review your claim. They will look over the details of the incident to determine if you have a case. If so, your case will be assigned to an attorney and your case manager will reach out to you. If we can’t take your case, we’ll still give you a call back and send a letter to explain why not. But don’t worry—we’ll always do our best to recommend a lawyer who may be a better fit.

Call Brooks Law Group Today

As you can see, calling Brooks Law Group isn’t scary at all! You’ve been through enough after your accident or loss. Call our friendly staff and we’ll take the burden off your shoulders. We’re available online or on the phone 24/7. Let our team of attorneys take on your case and fight for you!

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