Law firm intake specialist on a call

When you’re in an accident, you’ll likely face confusion and want support. We all know how frustrating it is to call a business and get no answer. And navigating through an automated service? No one likes that. What we like is honesty, personal interaction, and results. Brooks Law Group has the solution to this dilemma: the intake specialist. Whether you’re calling from Tampa, Winter Haven, or Lakeland, this is the first person you’ll talk to about your case. But what do they do, and why are intake specialists so important?

What Are Intake Specialists?

The intake specialist is the trusted extra set of ears for our lawyers. They are the one who first gets the details about your claim and checks in on your well being. Once they have all the information about your accident, they will pass it along to one of our attorneys. Then the attorney decides if we’re the right fit for your case. If not, don’t worry! Our intake specialists can refer you to someone that deals with your type of case.

What Can I Expect from Intake Specialists?

When you first talk to our intake specialists, you should be ready to tell them about your incident. Whether it was a car accident or a slip and fall, they will want to hear the specifics. Be descriptive but keep the information relevant. This will help our attorneys to better assess your claim. After your initial conversation, the intake specialist can set up a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

You will need to give updated and accurate contact information so that our staff can get in touch with you about your case. We can contact you by email, phone call, mail, or text, so it’s best to have that information handy. Don’t worry—we will always keep this information confidential to respect your privacy.

It’s important to note that all nonlawyer staff, including intake specialists, cannot give legal advice. It’s against the law. An intake specialist won’t give you specific advice on your claim because only our attorneys can do so. The intake specialist is there to get your information and pass it along to them. They also won’t be able to tell you how much your fees will be. Our lawyers will inform you of that once they’ve decided to take on your case.

What Does It Take to Be an Intake Specialist?

Each day our intake specialists speak to many people at their worst as they struggle with unexpected life changes. The role requires empathy for our clients that are confused, scared, and in pain. When you call Brooks Law Group, you can rest assured you’ll be met with a listening ear.

They also must always be ready for a new client to walk through our doors or dial our number. This means they have to balance a lot of tasks at once—phone calls, visitors, referrals, follow-ups. It’s a lot to handle, but our Intake Specialists take it in stride. They ensure that all of our clients are taken care of.

Contact Brooks Law Group Today

If you’ve been in an accident, suffered a slip and fall, or need help with social security, contact us today. Our intake specialists are standing by ready to speak with you about your case. You can call us at 1-800-LAW-3030 or fill out our contact form. Contact us now and we’ll treat you like family!


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