Valsartan Made in China Linked to NDMA

In the past few decades, we’ve all witnessed the rise of Chinese manufacturing. While it has decreased costs on many consumer products, it has not come without controversy. Beyond the loss of American jobs, there’s the question of safety standards. Are the countries we’ve outsourced to maintaining all the safety standards we’ve come to expect? This story comes in the wake of a recent report that Chinese-manufactured Playskool crayons were shown to contain toxic levels of asbestos. You can read that article on our blog.

Valsartan Recall Over Carcinogen

The FDA recently announced a recall of the generic drug valsartan. Valsartan is a blood pressure medication that is prescribed to many Americans across the country. It helps treat high blood pressure and can even lower the chance of death after a heart attack. A lot of people rely on this drug to maintain their health.

The voluntary recall came after the FDA said the drug may contain N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). NDMA is toxic to the human liver and is a known carcinogen. Since issuing the recall, three companies have agreed to pull the contaminated drug from shelves. One of these companies, Solco Healthcare, held 45% of the valsartan market in 2017. All of the valsartan being recalled was made in China.

In response to the recall, the FDA has recommended:

  • Consumers take note of the manufacturer listed on their prescription labels to determine if it’s under recall
  • For those currently prescribed, continue taking the drug until a health care provider supplies you with a substitute

While many of the big players are under recall now, there are alternate valsartan providers that are not included in this NDMA scare.

This story, along with others, calls into question the safety of outsourcing consumer products to countries like China. Is it worth it to save a few dollars here and there when quality control is thrown out of the window? We can’t ensure the same restrictions and regulations will be followed overseas.

Valsartan Can Be Found in Various Products - Brooks Law Group

NDMA Facts

While you may not have heard of NDMA before, you’ve probably encountered it. It’s contained in very low levels in a variety of foods and other items. Things it can be found in:

  • Cured meat
  • Fish
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals

The chemical is listed as an extremely hazardous substance, but it’s unlikely to have any devastating effects in very low doses. The problem is that its presence in valsartan is well above accepted levels.

NDMA has historically been used in multiple poisoning attempts, some resulting in death. Medically, NDMA is used to create cancer in rats for research on cancer. It’s certainly not a useful substance in the high levels found in valsartan.

I hope everyone learned a little bit more about the potential dangers that are found even from trusted companies. Maybe the recent reports of unsafe products from outsourced manufacturing will prompt consumers to make a stand. We shouldn’t have to risk our own health so that a major pharmaceutical company can save a few dollars at our expense.

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