What are the Florida law requirements for car damage insurance?

Florida requires all owners of motor vehicles to have a minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability insurance.

Who will pay for my car damage?

Possible scenarios: If the other party is at fault and the at-fault party has property damage insurance. The at-fault insurance company will pay up to the $10,000 minimum. If the coverage is more than $10,000 then the at-fault driver’s insurance will pay damages up to the limits on the policy. There is no deductible here….

How are insurance disputes handled?

The carrier you work with will influence how your vehicle accident dispute is handled. Disputes with your own insurance carrier – it depends on your insurance contract. Usually, they’re handled through an arbitration procedure. Disputes with the other party’s insurance carrier – if you or your lawyer can’t settle the case, then you or your…

What damages should I ask for?

Minimum Damage. Small scrapes and dents. You’re still entitled to get the cost to repair the car so the scrapes and dents aren’t there. Costs to repair. These are the costs to make your car look and operate the way it did before the accident Your car is a total loss. A total loss means…

Who should repair my car?

You have options on car repairs. The dealership where you purchased your vehicle will either repair your car or recommend a car repair company may be a good choice. Or, you could use a professional auto body shop near you with experience in repairing your type of car.

How are my car loans handled?

Standard car insurance (yours or that of the at-fault party) doesn’t consider the amount you owe (the loan) on the car. You can purchase GAP insurance to cover this difference. If there is a lien on your car, the holder of the lien will also have to sign any checks.

Can I get my deductible back?

If you’re at fault. No. If the other party is at fault. You can get a judgment in the amount of the deductible. Collecting the judgment may be difficult because the other side may not have any assets.