Some of you may remember our blog from last year “Beware of these Defective Drugs in 2012.” As much as we hate to say it, the same rings true for 2013. There is a lot to look out for and to be educated about regarding the current defective drugs and products, some of which are still on the market.

Please keep in mind that if you are a victim of harm from the use of any of these defective drugs or products, I urge you to contact us right away. There are deadlines coming up for most of these and you will want to act fast, before it’s too late.

Here are 7 Defective Drugs and Medical Devices in 2013 and the harm they have been known to cause:

1. Transvaginal Mesh, Bladder Slings, and TVT tape (Bard, Johnson and Johnson, Mentor, Boston Scientific, AMS, and others)

  1. Tissue erosion
  2. Device Failure

2. Dialysis Products – GranuFlo and NaturalLyte

  1. Cardiac Arrest, Death, Cardiac Arrhythmia
  2. Metabolic Alkalosis, Stroke

3. Pradaxa – used to treat atrial fibrillation

  1. Inability to reverse impairment of blood clotting
  2. Uncontrollable GI Bleeding, intracranial hemorrhaging, and death

4. Actos – used as a diabetic drug

  1. Bladder Cancer

5. Metal on Metal Hip and Knee Implants – used for joint reconstruction

  1. Breakdown of metallic surfaces and abnormal wear
  2. Premature device failure – causing additional surgeries
  3. Elevated Colbalt and chromium in blood causing metallosis and pseudotumor formation

6. Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, Gianvi, and Ocella – birth control used for contraception and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)

  1. Blood clots, DVT, strokes, heart attacks
  2. Pulmonary emboli
  3. Sudden cardiac death

7. Osteoporosis Drugs – Bisphosphonates (Actonel, Boniva, Fosamax, Zometa, Aredia, and others)

  1. Jaw Osteonecrosis
  2. Long Bone Fractures
  3. Esophageal Cancer

If you have used ANY of these products or drugs to treat a condition and have been harmed, or have ANY questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to call us today at 888-We-Mean-It (888-936-3264). Any initial consultation with our firm is free. We feel very passionate about helping anyone who has suffered as a result of a defective drug or product.

Steve was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. As was the practice for new doctors his father worked day and night during his medical residency at Charity Hospital there. Steve comes from a long line of doctors. His father, his grandfather, his great grandfather, even two uncles were all specialists and/or surgeons in their chosen medical specialties, including internal medicine specialist, obstetrics / gynecology, neurosurgery and general practice / surgery. His great-great grandfather was the Surgeon General of Ohio during the Civil War.