Warren U.

After another car slammed into Mr. Underwood’s car and sent him spiraling off on the side of the road, he chose a local law firm that cares about each of its clients personally. According to Mr. Underwood, at Brooks Law Group he found, “the best attorneys I’ve ever seen.”

We love hearing from our satisfied clients. After more than 25 years of legal service, we’re happ y to see we’re still making changing in the lives of our clients. We hope to continue for a long time!


Yeah, I had an accident. I was coming down on Cypress Gardens Boulevard in Winter Haven, right across from Burger King. I was turning left, I had a green light. This car was going east. He ran the red light and hit me and spun me off on the grass. I’ve never experienced anything with an attorney like Brooks Law Group. They treated me professionally, courteous, good to me, kind, and they did a wonderful job. The attorneys were very knowledgeable, they knew what they were doing. The best attorneys I’ve ever seen! Yes, I’d recommend anybody! They did an outstanding job. Thank you very much, I appreciate everything y’all have done for me.

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