Personal Injury Client

Our client was a former social security disability client who was involved in a car accident and hurt her back. She shares what her experience was like in the office and while working with the staff.

“Well I was in a automobile accident and I was injured and then from there, first I didn’t think I was hurt but then like a few minutes later I started hurting and my husband took me to the emergency room; and I was checked out there. After that, I knew something else was going on with my back.

I knew about Brooks Law Group because I went to the other one – the one for disability. I knew about them so I knew they did really good with me that time; everybody was so kind and they worked with me and they, you know, got my disability within three months after I couldn’t work anymore.

So I decided I would try Brooks again for my accident. Everybody was so kind at the front desk and everything and they offered us water and we had candy and everybody was just so nice to us. After so many questions then we answered what we could and it was just wonderful and I had a great experience with it. Everything I wanted to know they told me, everything I didn’t know and needed to know they told me. I thought they were just a wonderful experience, with, you know, working with the staff at Brooks Law Group.

I just want to say thank you all very much for everything you’ve done and I appreciate you and I will recommend you to my family and friends! Thank you so much!”

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