Kyra Fugate

Kyra came to Brooks Law Group after her car accident looking for guidence and an advocate. Her car had been hit from behind and there was significant damage to her car. As Kyra approached the car; to ensure everyone was OK, she had a situation on her hands. The driver of the car had left the scene; leaving Kyra with the distraught owner who had been in the passenger seat. Confused as to what to do; this resourceful college student called her friend Manda who works at Brooks Law Group and asked her to get the ball rolling for a case. Kyra was in and out of the country doing some mission work in between her school schedule. Brooks Law Group was very accomodating to her schedule and ensured she received all she deserved from the accident to keep her life on track. Kyra recommends Brooks Law Group to all college students who needs a lawyer who will do ‘whatever it takes’ to get results.

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