Jhamiece was in an accident. The at fault car ran a red light and crashed into the vehicle she was in. The car Jhamiece was a passenger in was totaled and she suffered injuries from the impact. Her life changed in an instant. Fear set in. How would she get treatment for her injuries? What would happen to her and her children if she missed work? She needed someone to be on her side. An advocate that would fight for her and get her the results she deserved.

Jhamiece remembered Brooks Law Group from commercials and called right away.

Jhamiece expressed that Brooks Law Group gave her peace and confidence that she was going to be taken care of. Her injuries had prevented her from returning to work immediately so she needed to relocate to get some additional help with her kids. Brooks Law Group was with her the whole time. Jhamiece spoke with such gratitude about how well her case was handled and how sometimes she called the office just for a friendly voice of someone who cared, gave her advice, and treated her like family. She speaks so highly of her experience with friends and family and even closed the discussion saying Brooks Law Group has given her a second chance at her life and that she looks forward to her new beginning. We wish Jhamiece and her family the best of luck always.

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