Part 3: Tampa Injury Claims defended – The Three “D’s” of the Insurance Industry: DELAY, DENY, DEFEND

U.S. insurance companies rake in billions of dollars in profits every year. How does the insurance industry make so much money? Unfortunately, many insurance companies–even the most well known and well respected–engage in dirty tricks and unethical behavior to boost their profits. Some of the most common tactics can be referred to as the three Ds: delay, deny, and defend.

Part 3: Defend

Finally, there is the third D, defend. If all else fails, a person with a legitimate claim may have no choice but to force the insurer to defend itself in court. This all but ensures a delay of several more years while the issue is litigated, even more if the matter is appealed.

Some laws make it difficult to force an insurer to pay anything more than what should have been paid in the first place. This increases the incentive for the insurer to delay, deny, and defend.

So what is a person to do when up against an unethical insurance company? All too often there is only one answer: Get a lawyer.

How to Fight Back

  • Although complicated and hard to understand, read the insurance policy. You may find that some of the things that you were promised when shopping for insurance actually aren’t true.
  • Don’t give an insurer a reason to deny your claim. Carefully read all of the forms that you have to fill out and provide all of the information requested.
  • Put all of your communications to the insurer in writing. If you do speak with someone on the telephone, follow up with a letter confirming what you were told.
  • Contact your state’s department of insurance. It may be able to help you, but it will not represent you in a private matter.
  • Call our office. We will fight to get you everything you deserve.
  • Remember, the insurer is counting on you giving up. Hang in there!

Call the injury lawyers at the Brooks Law Group 1-888-WE-MEAN-IT or fill out the form in the right hand column. We are here to help.

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