Online Security for Your Business

While Brooks Law Group mainly handles damages related to accidental injuries, malpractice, or even food poisoning, you don’t often hear us talk about damages related to one’s business. If you are a business owner, you know that damages can take on many forms, from catastrophic loss following a weather event, to a lawsuit. However, one type of damage that doesn’t get much attention is that of having your online business accounts locked down or hacked in some way. How does social media security affect your business, and what can you do about it?

Since online platforms are how many businesses reach out to potential clients and customers, stay in touch with their faithful followers, and release information to the public, losing access to these accounts can be devastating. Not only do you lose your lifeline of communication with the public, but you also lose control over your online reputation. Hackers have destroyed many businesses by taking over social media accounts, websites, email accounts, and more, and putting out false information or misrepresenting them online. Protecting your business from this kind of activity is crucial, but what options do you have? We have a few tips to help you protect your online presence as a business owner:

  • Never have just one administrator or manager on social media pages. Have at least two trusted partners, assistants, or even friends/family members who can also access your business pages from a management standpoint. Doing so makes sure you still have access to your public business profiles, even if your personal account is hacked and/or shut down.
  • Keep detailed records of login information, and update/change frequently for better security. Using the same password for every online account, or choosing something like your address or your phone number as a password is never a good idea. Instead, use complicated passwords, and then store them in secure programs within your computer so you don’t have to remember them each time you log in. Just make sure you keep records of passwords as they change, so you always have access of your own!
  • Invest in security software and/or an IT security team. Locking down your business against hackers is simply a smart choice. It isn’t foolproof, but it certainly gives you more protection against those who mean your business harm.

At Brooks Law Group, we believe in standing up for those who have been impacted by damages caused by another’s reckless, irresponsible, or criminal behavior. If you have questions about damages caused via an online platform, we’re happy to discuss your issue and help you choose the best steps to take. We are one of Tampa’s top legal teams to provide personal service, excellent results, and an all-around positive experience for every client. We offer free, no obligation consultations to individuals seeking our help. When the dark web hits your business, Look to Brooks!

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