In nearby Pinellas County, an estimated 70 accidents (or more) happen per day, so it’s not too far-reaching to say that you are very likely to experience an accident at some point if you live in the Tampa Bay area. Many drivers know what they should do following a vehicle accident, but our attorneys at Brooks Law Group want to make sure you know what not to do as well. The actions you take immediately after an accident can skew your case, if there is one, and affect your potential results.

So, what should you avoid following a car accident?

  • NEVER post to social media. Publicly posting about your accident or publishing photographs on social media sites is a huge mistake. Doing so could not only ruin your chances of getting compensation for an accident that wasn’t your fault, but it could end up turning on you if another motorist complains that you posted about them and/or the situation online in a public place.
  • Exchange insurance information only. After an accident, all involved parties need to exchange insurance information, but that’s where the sharing ends. Personal contact information shouldn’t be part of the deal, and you should never contact people from the accident on your own. Your attorney will take care of gathering any and all information from the various witnesses, fellow victims, etc.
  • Send the insurance adjusters to your attorney. Following an accident or injury, insurance adjusters will likely be on your trail. Don’t speak with insurance personnel on your own. Rather, contact your attorney and let them advise you on the steps to take when it’s time to speak with your own insurance company, or the insurance companies of the other drivers/victims.

Remember, following the correct protocol after an accident increases your chances of a smooth case and receiving the compensation you need to recover and move forward with life. Don’t put that at risk by making one of the mistakes mentioned above. If you or someone you love is in an accident, Look to Brooks! We are happy to answer any questions and provide guidance on your next steps with our free consultation. With offices throughout Central Florida, including one in Tampa, we’re conveniently close to you and ready to help you with your case!

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