wrongful death lawsuits

Wrongful death lawsuits are the manner through which an estate of a deceased person files a lawsuit against the party responsible for the death. It is usually filed by an estate representative on behalf of the surviving family members or parties. In the United States, there are almost 264 million registered vehicles and 218 valid drivers with a license. To be blunt, that are a whole lot of folks on the roads, and some might be dangerous.

Close to 96 percent of all personal injury cases never go to trial. Rather they settle if an agreement can be made pre-trial. Every year over 3 million Americans are injured while on the roads. Auto and motorcycle accidents cause more than 35 percent of all new spinal cord injuries annually. It should be no surprise then that in 2016 fatal crash data showed that motorcyclist death occurs at 28 times more frequently than other vehicle fatalities.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit – Negligence Or Misconduct

Among passengers that are five and older, around 14,688 lives were saved in 2016 by seatbelts. Approximately 475,000 police-reported crashes involved large trucks in the same year. Around 0.8 percent were fatal crashes, and 22 percent were crashes that caused injuries. Trucking accidents appear to be much more common than most people probably realize.

The loss of a loved one from a jackknifing overloaded truck is just simply a terrible event. Wrongful death attorneys can assist in a wrongful death claim. It does not just need to be an automobile accident, motorcycle collision, or tractor-trailer. It could involve any number of medical complications as well.

On The Roads

Be as safe as possible in life and maintain awareness. In 2016 most drivers spent an average of 50.6 minutes on the road each day. That is almost an hour every day where they are guaranteed that their lives are not entirely in their control. Nothing is more tragic than the loss of life. Contacting an attorney to discuss wrongful death lawsuits is an experience that might be necessary but never desired.

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