You could say that car accident is a part of life, though working with an auto accident lawyer is going to be essential if it becomes a much more serious situation. Here in the Tampa, Florida area, our highways can get quite busy and result in various types of car accidents that seriously injure if not even bringing death. But it’s when you’re badly injured and have to live with those injuries for years when a personal injury attorney needs to be by your side. They’ll fight for you to gain compensation so you can pay your likely mounting medical bills.

Here at Brooks Law Group, we’ll work closely with you to determine what exactly caused your auto accident. What kind of auto accidents do we typically see the most here? They may sound overly familiar, no matter where you happen to live.

Rear-End Accidents

Cars running into the back of another car are the most common type of car accident, and we’ve dealt with many of those cases. In almost every case, the person we represent ends up having serious neck injuries due to whiplash, along with other medical complications based on the initial impact. There’s even evidence whiplash can cause traumatic brain injury (or TBI) that can result in impairment for life.

Head-On Collisions

These unfortunately typical auto accidents are frequently fatal if they happen at high speed. However, some people end up surviving them, though with severely debilitating injuries. Collision airbags can only do so much to protect the body, and you could still end up with severe trauma to internal organs, or head and neck injuries. If you end up going through the windshield, it could even require reconstructive surgery later that may cost you multiple thousands of dollars.

Accidents in Intersections

When driving in the city, we see many auto accident cases involving side collisions at intersections. During busy rush hour traffic, another driver may not be paying attention and end up running a red light as you turn on a particular corner. While we always assume someone is going to stop when coming from the left or right at an intersection, there’s always a chance they won’t.

These kind of unexpected collisions can be very serious, especially when the collision happens on the driver’s side. The impact could result in severe bodily injuries that bring physical pain for years if not expensive time in rehabilitation.

Hit and Run Cases

With the SunSentinel reporting, last year that hit and run accidents in Florida are starting to increase, we’re seeing more than our share of these cases. It’s something we don’t want to see, though our collective experience with them in recent years can help you if you’ve gone through the same thing. These can happen through any of the accident scenarios mentioned above. And when they do, they can create complications in finding the culprit.

Regardless, with a proper investigation and evidence, hit and run drivers can also be caught later. That’s why we’ll work with you on your case to find every piece of evidence showing who’s responsible and go after them. Many times, traffic cams can help locate the person by zooming in on the person’s license plate number.

If you’ve just been in an auto accident here in the Tampa area, contact us right away so we can get to work on the evidence. Time is going to be of the essence so you can gain the justice you deserve sooner rather than later.

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