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Women are significantly more likely than men to suffer serious injuries and fatalities in frontal car crashes, according to a recent study by the University of Virginia (UVA) Center for Applied Biomechanics.

Although newer cars generally fare better in all safety tests, UVA’s study showed that vehicles that were built ten or more years ago — many of which are still on the road — are particularly risky for women.

According to UVA, women wearing seatbelts are 73 percent more likely than men to suffer severe injuries in front-end collisions, especially trauma to the lower extremities. They also found that women are twice as likely to suffer injuries involving the spine, legs, and abdomen compared to their male counterparts.

Additionally, female drivers and front-seat passengers are almost 20 percent more likely to die in a car wreck than male occupants.

The more encouraging news is that both women and men experienced fewer skull fractures, abdominal injuries, cervical spine injuries, ankle injuries, and knee/thigh/hip injuries in vehicles manufactured after 2009.

Reasons Why Women Are More At Risk for Injuries

While the UVA research did not specify why the crashes they studied injured mostly women, other studies have identified a few possible factors. One key observation has been that cars are generally built to protect the average-sized male.

In addition, the design of most crash-test dummies was created decades ago and modeled after physically fit men. Female dummies are about five feet tall and 110 pounds. That’s a far cry from the average American woman, who weighs around 170 pounds and is 5’4,’’ according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Additionally, the dummies that are meant to portray women are typically just smaller versions of the male models and aren’t adjusted for physiological and anatomical differences between genders, such as pelvis shape, hip size, breasts, and muscle strength.

Dangers of Head-On Collisions

Front-end accidents, or head-on collisions, are the deadliest on the road for both women and men. They occur when one vehicle slams into another coming from the opposite direction. This could happen if a driver crosses the center line after falling asleep behind the wheel, drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or has gotten on the highway going the wrong direction.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, front-impact collisions were responsible for 56 percent of passenger vehicle deaths in 2018.

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