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You had an accident on I-4 near Tampa. You hired a personal injury attorney. Several days later you had a question and called your attorney with no success; now you’re frustrated because your attorney hasn’t returned your call from four days ago.

Litigation attorneys are busy people.

If you had the opportunity to shadow one, you would see that they are usually in one of the following:

  • In court trying a case
  • Attending a motion hearing
  • In depositions outside the office
  • Attending mediations out of state
  • Attending seminars out of state

Sometimes the attorney might be in a 2-week jury trial (away from his desk phone).

There is a better way.

Best practices for trustworthy & reliable communicationAt Brooks Law Group, we encourage our clients to use email or texting as the preferred communication vehicle. There are numerous benefits to this:

  1. The question or comment is improved – You can make sure you don’t forget to put something in your question or comment because you can read it before you send it.
  2. The response is enhanced – The email or text recipient has a better shot at truly answering your question or comment; they can’t overlook or forget part of the question. Phone calls aren’t documented, and matters can be overlooked or simply forgotten.
  3. Allows for collaboration – Encourages more thorough answers – Your attorney works with teams. If your attorney cannot answer he can forward your question or comment to a different team member to get a more complete response.
  4. Response is quicker – Your attorney can be 1,000 miles away and still respond to your email.
  5. Allows for documentation – The Brooks Law Group utilizes sophisticated case management systems that allow for everything related to your case to be stored digitally in an easily accessible manner. We can save and refer to previous conversations, comments and questions.

We find that most emails and texts are answered daily; this method usually solves the current issue, question or problem all within a day or two.

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