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Vehicles have become a necessary evil for most people in the United States. The ability to get to and from work, the store, or to the kids’ functions generally requires that people have at least one family car to transport them.

Predicting when a car accident will occur is impossible. We found it interesting to look at the times/days you are at the greatest risk for an accident.

Data Shows March Is the Most Dangerous Month for Car Crashes

March is a common month to travel not only for Floridians but for families nationwide as school lets out for Spring Break. Students and their friends and/or family are traveling to the nearest beach, like Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg or Clearwater to enjoy their vacation.

This has become a popular time of the year for tourists to visit Florida from all corners of the country. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Governor Rick Scott stated that Florida drew 31.1 million visitors during the first three months of the year, the highest number during any quarter in state history. This shows a 2.5 percent increase from the same time period last year!

As locals to the Tampa area, we understand that tourism means more cars on the road, and an influx of cars on the already busy Florida highways, unfortunately, leads to more accidents.

What Time of Day Are You at the Greatest Risk for a Car Accident?

Almost a third of all injuries happened during rush hour traffic - Brooks Law Group

According to the Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), there have been 240,013 accidents in Florida year-to-date, 99,607 resulting in an injury.

Of the 99,607 injuries that have occurred in Florida, the statistics show that 36,000 happened between 4 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon. This not a surprise as this time frame is generally known as “rush hour traffic” when people are trying to make their way home from work.

What Day of the Week Is Your Risk for an Accident the Greatest?

Did you know that 16.38 percent (39,292) of the accidents have occurred on a Friday? That makes Friday the most dangerous day of the week! These findings may come as a surprise, but after a long week, people are concentrating more on getting home and starting their weekend than the road itself.

To get an idea of how this affects us locally, we have pulled a report showing that the Tampa Police Department has reported that 902 accidents have happened on a Friday so far this year.

Want to Know More?

  • For the last two years, March has been the month with the most accidents, averaging 36,500
  • 37% of the accidents year-to-date happened in clear weather conditions
  • Drivers age 20-24 made up 13.52 percent of the accidents reported in Florida

Injured in an Accident? Look to Brooks

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