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Keeping a few key items in your glove compartment can make a chaotic car accident scene more manageable. Easy access to basic information can help you keep a clear head and protect yourself — both legally and personally — after a crash.

At Brooks Law Group, our dedicated Florida auto accident attorneys believe that anticipating the unexpected can do more than help you access a fair payout from insurance companies — it could save lives. We’ve compiled a list of glove box essentials to help motorists plan for the aftermath of a crash.

10 Items to Keep In Your Glove Compartment

Documentation is important even if a crash is nothing more than a fender bender. But keep in mind that car accidents are not always as minor as they first appear. They can quickly become complex if someone begins experiencing signs of an injury.

The following items are important not only for documenting the collision but also for protecting yourself and others from harm at the accident scene:

  • Insurance information: Proof of insurance shows law enforcement officers that you have been responsible for meeting Florida’s minimum requirements for car insurance. It also provides your policy number, which you will need to provide to other drivers (s) involved in the crash.
  • Vehicle registration: Registration shows who the vehicle belongs to and can be important for liability purposes.
  • Owner’s manual: This can contain information about troubleshooting minor problems that could enable you to get off the road if your car is blocking traffic.
  • Pad and pen: You will need to exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information and license plate numbers with every driver. Get the contact information for any witnesses, including passengers in the accident.
  • Medical information: Write down any pre-existing conditions or allergies that paramedics should know about.
  • Emergency contact list: Provide the names and contact information of anyone who should be notified if you are incapacitated after a crash.
  • car accident compensation in TampaDisposable camera: Most people use cell phones to take pictures after a car accident. However, a disposable camera can be useful in case your phone is lost or broken in the collision.
  • Cell phone charger: In remote areas, it might take time for emergency responders to get to you. Keep a car charger handy so that you can always contact someone.
  • Flashlight: Accidents that occur in the dark can be hard to manage. A flashlight can help you assess the situation, particularly when checking for injuries.
  • Road flares: These increase your visibility for crashes that occur at night.

In addition, a first aid kit, blanket, and water can be useful to keep in the car to help with minor injuries after the shock of a crash.

A Tampa Car Accident Attorney Can Fight For Your Rights

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in Tampa or its surrounding communities, you could be entitled to valuable compensation for medical bills, lost income, car damage, and other losses. However, insurance companies don’t make it easy to get what you are owed.

Let the experienced car accident attorneys at Brooks Law Group stand up for you. We demand maximum compensation for our clients’ injuries, both during settlement negotiations and at trial.

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