Our firm is here to help you if you’ve been the victim of an accident because someone was distracted while they were driving.

What is distracted driving?

The keys to safe driving including keeping your eyes on the road, keeping your hands on the steering wheel and keeping your mind focused on driving. Anything that affects your ability to perform these tasks is a distraction.

What are the Ways People Can Be Electronically Distracted?

Texting takes your hands and your eyes off the wheel. Using a cellphone requires you to take one hand off the wheel to hold the phone. Don’t watch a video – you can’t see the road and watch at the same time. While everyone likes music, using a hand to adjust the radio or put a CD into the CD player means one hand isn’t on the wheel. It’s best to change the settings at a red light. Read the GPS system when stopped or have a passenger tell you where to go.

Who are the most serious offenders?

Drivers under 20, the very drivers who need to be extra-focused on safe driving because they’re not experienced, cause 16% of all distracted driver accidents.

What are the Florida Laws on Using Electronic Devices?

Effective October 1, 2013, text messaging while driving is prohibited for all Florida drivers. There is no current Florida ban on using a cell phone while driving. The new law makes texting a secondary offense. This means the police officer must have a primary reason (such as speeding to stop you).

Follow these guidelines to stay safe when using your cell phone while driving: While it is not yet illegal to use your cell phone while driving in Florida, it is important to make safe driving your first priority.

  • Avoid using the cell phone while driving. The best thing to do is let it ring through. The caller can always leave a message so you can call the caller back when you’re safe. If you need to make an emergency or important call, pull off to the side of road and call while you’re not driving.
  • Allow for easy access. If you have to answer a phone call, make the phone easily accessible and easy to use (know where the controls and buttons are) so you always keep your eyes on the road.
  • Use speed dial if you have to call.
  • Consider a hands-free device. A hands-free device isn’t perfect but it does keep your hands free and on the wheel while you’re talking
  • Keep it short and simple. If you have to talk, make the call short. Just get the necessary facts. Leave the chit-chat for later. Avoid upsetting calls while driving.
  • Do not text while driving under any circumstances.
  • Be Practical. Don’t talk when you know the roads are hazardous or slippery. Stop talking immediately if you think for a split second you’re not in control of the car.

How our law firm can help?

If anyone you know is a victim of an accident caused by texting while driving or by any other means please let our law firm help you get the recovery you deserve.

During this difficult time we will help you receive the maximum compensation allowed by law and we will assist you through every step of the case. Our team of lawyers works with medical professionals, valuation experts, technical experts and other lawyers. If you or a loved one suffered an injury or a death please call us at 1-888-WE-MEAN-IT (1-888-936-3264) or email us at: [email protected].

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