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Following an accident, insurance companies get involved almost immediately. Vehicle accidents, pedestrian collisions, injuries on the job…all of these scenarios trigger calls to insurance companies, and that means insurance adjusters will be vying to talk to you. You are already recovering from injuries, dealing with trauma, and figuring out how to manage life as you heal. So, why would insurance adjusters continue to bother you in the weeks and months following your accident?

Insurance companies aim to pay as little as possible to victims.

This is a major reason most adjusters continue to hassle victims via phone. They glean information to help themselves, and rarely have your best interest in mind. Even if their client (the at-fault party in your accident) was to blame, money is their bottom line, and they’ll do what it takes to keep it in their pocket instead of yours.

So, how can you protect yourself if insurance adjusters contact you?

If your own insurance company is on the other end of the line, you may be obligated to cooperate with their questions based on Florida’s regulations. You do however have the right to have your attorney present for these conversations. Know your rights!

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If you’re receiving calls from the at-fault party’s insurer, keep these tips in mind when you pick up the phone:

  • Stay calm, polite, and composed. Emotions can run high, but staying in control of your feelings and your words is of utmost importance.
  • Request the name, contact information, and the name of the insurance company. Take down this information for your own records.
  • Give no information outside of your name, address, phone number, and email address if requested.
  • Never give a statement about the accident in question, even if pressured. Simply tell the adjuster the investigation is not yet complete and if they have questions they can speak with your attorney.
  • Never answer questions about your injuries or damages sustained in the accident.
  • Minimize commentary and deflect all additional questions to your attorney.

Victims throughout Tampa Bay trust Brooks Law Group to stand in their corner following their accident.

We don’t just handle the at-fault party(ies) and the fight for justice and compensation. We take care of calls and emails with insurance companies, collecting documentation and evidence, and more. We focus on your case, so you can focus on healing and taking care of you. We are a people-first practice that prioritizes client care and getting the best possible results for victims. Are you facing the aftermath of an accident and dreading the influx of insurance calls? Don’t get stressed! Look to Brooks.

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