What is the Most Dangerous Highway in the Country?

Our cars, trucks and SUVs are necessary to survive in our modern world. Unless you live in a big city, you probably drive your car multiple times per day. Whether it’s commuting to work or just running errands with your family, we rely on our vehicles to get from point A to point B. Our country’s highway system makes transportation even easier. Instead of taking backroad after backroad, you can hop on a highway and go right to your location in no time.

As nice as our modern travel conveniences are, any time you hop behind the steering wheel, you are at risk. Even if you observe all the traffic laws, other drivers may not, and car accidents happen when you least expect them. Not all roads and highways are created equal, however. Studies show that some highways are more dangerous than others, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today.

Interstate 4, or I-4, is the Most Dangerous Highway in the US

A study revealed that Interstate 4, or I-4, is the most dangerous highway in America. The study had some pretty chilling numbers:

  • I-4 ranked no. 1 as the most deadly highway in the country with 1.41 fatalities per mile

If you live anywhere near our offices in Tampa, Lakeland and Winter Haven, then the most dangerous highway in the country is right in your backyard. You probably drive on it on a regular basis. It makes me want to take extra care the next time I find myself driving on it.

This is not the first time I-4 has topped the list of most dangerous highways. The interstate has a history of disaster and has earned the nickname of the “Haunted Highway.”

It continues to live up to that unfortunate nickname. As drivers become more and more distracted on the road, the problems only increase.

More Dangerous Highways in Florida

I-4 isn’t the only dangerous highway in our state. Many of the most dangerous highways and interstates in the country are right here in Florida. The same study that found I-4 to be the deadliest also had two other Florida interstates in their top 10 list.

  • Interstate 95 ranked no. 5 with .89 fatalities per mile
  • Interstate 10 ranked no. 7 with .85 fatalities per mile

We’ve also written blog posts in the past about the dangers of US-27. That’s another road that many of our clients drive on a regular basis, and it has a reputation of its own.

Our state’s roads are often crowded with tourists. This leads to massive amounts of traffic and congestion. It also means that many of the drivers that share our roads aren’t familiar with the area or roads. They’re spending less time focusing on their defensive driving and more time trying to figure out where they’re going. This means we need to be extra cautious about the drivers around us.

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