Wearable Tech Detects When Truck Drivers Are Sleepy

When a large truck and a passenger car collide, the damages can be severe. One common cause of tractor-trailer accidents is truck driver fatigue — often a consequence of driving for long hours at a time with few rest and recovery periods. In order to reduce the number of truck accidents caused by drowsy driving, companies are developing wearable technology that alertstruck drivers when it’s time to pull over.

An article published in The New York Times highlights the range of technology that has been designed to help truck drivers stay awake. Each type monitors an element of a driver’s behavior that could be indicative of drowsiness. If the technology detects that a driver may be sleepy, it sends a warning to the driver that they should stop and nap.

For example, there are glasses that monitor the frequency of a driver’s blinking. If the eyelids stay shut for too long, the glasses are alerted that their user may be sleepy and trigger an alarm.

There is also a headset that monitors how many times a driver checks his or her mirrors (apparently, more frequent mirror-checking is associated with a greater degree of drowsiness) and also notes the number of head bobs and jerks, which are clear signs that the driver is falling asleep. Caps, wristbands, and even vests have been developed to help truckers avoid drowsy driving accidents.

Liability in Truck Accidents

If a person is injured by a drowsy truck driver, it may be possible to file a legal claim for damages. But determining liability in a truck accident case is not straightforward. More than one party could be responsible for the collision, and not just other drivers.

Although the truck driver may have fallen asleep behind the wheel, it doesn’t always mean that he or she should be held fully liable. For example, if the trucking company pressured the driver to disobey federal hours of service regulations, it’s possible that the company could be held responsible for the wreck. Damages can be sought for the full value of losses, including property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

When truck accidents are fatal, family members of the victim can also seek compensation for their losses through wrongful death claims.

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