group of children trick-or-treating in costume with parent. Group is walking down neighborhood sidewalk.

Halloween is just a few days away! As many families are preparing for the big night by getting costumes ready, residents of the Town and Country neighborhood in Hillsborough County are hoping their sidewalks are ready. Because of  unexpected delays and budget concerns,  repairs to sidewalk projects are running several years behind schedule. This has led to conditions of the sidewalks deteriorating further. Crews are finally on the job, replacing buckling concrete in multiple areas, including a stretch of sidewalk on Hanley Road.

This impacts families who plan to be in the area as the sidewalks are an important factor in safe trick-or-treating. Why?

Tampa is one of the top cities in Florida for safe trick-or-treating.

Florida has many cities that show out for Halloween including Miami and nearby Orlando, but Tampa held its own when competing for the best place to trick or treat. When compared to cities throughout the United States, it ranked 24th! With so many fun activities for families and an abundance of neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that people throughout Central Florida choose Tampa for collecting candy!

With so many people flocking to the area though, accidents are likely.

Statistics show that Halloween is risky for kids.

According to studies from recent years, Halloween is twice as deadly than any other day of the year for kids. Little ones between the ages of 4 and 8 are 10 times (yes, 10 TIMES!) more likely to be fatally injured by a car on October 31st, and we believe each of these deaths are preventable.

Knowing how to keep yourself and your children safe while trick-or-treating is the most important part of preparing for Halloween. Once the costume is picked out and the candy is purchased, take a few moments to read below as you get ready for your night out!

Safe trick-or-treating: what should I do?

Trick or treating doesn’t have to be dangerous. With some simple precautions you can enjoy a fun night without worry.

As you head out, remember:

Choose brightly-lit neighborhoods

More light means better visibility. Choose streets with bright (functioning) street lights that illuminate the entire road. Drivers will be able to see farther distances and avoid hitting kids (or adults) who may be crossing the street.

Wear reflective or bright costumes, and have everyone carry a flashlight

While on the topic of visibility, we encourage you to ALWAYS carry a flashlight and make sure each member of your party does as well. For young trick-or-treaters who can’t hold onto a light the entire night, opt for fun glowstick bracelets or necklaces that will improve visibility and make sure they’re seen by oncoming cars.

Constantly supervise young children

small child dressed as jack-o-lantern stands on sidwalk while trick-or-treating

Sidewalks are an important part of safe trick-or-treating!

Little ghosts and ghouls don’t always know when it’s safe to cross the street or head to the next house. Constant supervision is necessary for young children to avoid tragic accidents on Halloween.

Stay on sidewalks and use crosswalks for busy streets

Sidewalks are a huge part of safe trick-or-treating. Stay on sidewalks as much as possible, and make sure your children understand this rule too. If you have to navigate a busy street, look for a crosswalk.

Plan your route!

Planning your route means you can prepare for busy intersections, missing stop signs, and other nuances that are particular to neighborhoods around you. This allows you to coach your kids on where you’ll be going and what they need to watch for during the evening.

I planned for safe trick-or-treating but my child was hit by a car. What can I do?

Having a child injured or killed in any accident is devastating, but it’s especially hard when it’s the fault of a negligent or reckless driver. If you did your best to prepare for safe trick-or-treating and your child was hit anyway, you may feel helpless. You aren’t alone, and you don’t deserve to suffer in silence as your child fights to recover or as you grive your loss.

The team at Brooks Law Group is here for families just like yours. We stand with families who face accidents resulting from drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving, and other collisions that leave victims traumatized and in pain. We bring years of legal knowledge and experience to the table, and clients can count on the results they need. Getting the compensation you deserve to move forward in life is vital, and we don’t back down until you’ve got it.

We know it’s painful for you when your child suffers, and that stress is unmatched. Keeping your case as stress-free as possible is a priority for our team. Thanks to our contingency fee basis, you don’t pay unless we win. Even your first consultation is free, and booking it is as easy as reaching out to us online.

We’re wishing everyone a fun (and safe) Halloween, but if an unexpected accident ruins your evening, we’re here for you. Accident victims can always Look to Brooks.

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