Wrecked motorcycle lying on its side.

Motorcycles are a way of life in Central Florida. In Tampa, bikers enjoy the sunshine and open skies while breezing down beachfront roads or commuting on one of multiple major highways. While Florida’s weather is friendly to bikers, our roads aren’t always as nice. More specifically, other drivers aren’t always friendly toward motorcyclists, and their negligence leads to a high number of motorcycle accidents (and fatalities) each year.

On Tuesday, a 19-year old Pinellas County resident was killed on Tampa Road when his motorcycle struck the back end of a truck turning left in front of him. Authorities blamed speed as one of the factors in the crash, but the investigation is still ongoing. What else causes these dangerous, and deadly, crashes?

There are 5 major factors in the majority of motorcycle accidents.

While not an exclusive list, Florida statistics show that more motorcyclists die because of:

  • Unaware and negligent drivers changing lanes or turning across traffic
  • Another vehicle striking them from behind.
  • An intoxicated driver striking them.
  • Someone opening the door of a parked vehicle into the roadway as they pass (getting “doored” is the term used among bikers)
  • Poor road conditions

So, how can you, as a driver, better protect our Tampa Bay motorcyclists and make our roads safer for them..and for you?


  • Look twice before turning or changing lanes
  • PAY ATTENTION when you approach intersections, turn lanes, etc.
  • Always check traffic in both directions before opening your door into the street
  • Be mindful of yard maintenance and never blow grass and lawn trimmings onto the roadway
  • Never drink or use drugs before getting behind the wheel

Brooks Law Group wants safer Tampa roadways for bikers and motorists alike. We stand up for you following a motorcycle accident injury,  and we fight for the compensation and justice you deserve. If a negligent or reckless driver has injured you or someone you love while on your bike, call our team to schedule your free consultation. We are here to help. When the unexpected happens, Tampa Bay Looks to Brooks.

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