Good afternoon! Steve Brooks here on a wonderful Friday afternoon, looks like we have some overcast weather meaning we have a cold front coming through and I am excited about that! So today I want to remind everyone that Brooks Law Group has a contest twice a year where the winner gets $1,000 and second place gets $250. It is for high school seniors and college students and we give two topics that you guys can write about, if you go to our website you can find the topics and the rules, I think it is like 700 to 1400 words and you pick one of the two topics we have there. So today November 2nd is the last day for the fall entry, so if you have been thinking about doing it make sure you get it in before midnight tonight, we will be announcing the winners on November the 16th. So it is always an exciting time for us, we love to be a part of the upcoming generation because it what will represent America in the future and we want it best in that. I want to once again congratulate the winner from Spring 2018, Jessica, she was just a lovely person who wrote a great great essay. I also want to congratulate the second place winner for the spring contest was Richard. Once again today November 2nd is the final deadline for the fall contest, we will be announcing the winner in a couple of weeks on the 16th and then probably in December, we will come out with the spring scholarship suggestions for essays and we look forward to it! So all you high school seniors or in college, please get it in today because it is the last day. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] and I will be glad to get back to you. Otherwise we look forward to seeing those final entries, we have had a lot this year! Thank you or all the students who participated and submitted their scholarship essays, we appreciate each of you and your desire to better yourself. So thank you for joining me today and I will see you next Friday at 3’oclock, Thanks!

Steve was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. As was the practice for new doctors his father worked day and night during his medical residency at Charity Hospital there. Steve comes from a long line of doctors. His father, his grandfather, his great grandfather, even two uncles were all specialists and/or surgeons in their chosen medical specialties, including internal medicine specialist, obstetrics / gynecology, neurosurgery and general practice / surgery. His great-great grandfather was the Surgeon General of Ohio during the Civil War.