If you cannot work because of a medical condition and think you deserve social security disability benefits, don’t be intimidated by the application process. Just take it step-by-step. In the “initial application” phase, you will:

  1. Fill out and submit application forms;
  2. Submit all documentation that supports your application; and
  3. Attend a disability application interview.

When your application is complete, the SSA will forward your file to a state Disability Determination Services (DDS) office. A DDS examiner and medical review board will review your application and make the initial decision about whether or not you are disabled.

Do I need a lawyer to file the SSDI application?

Many people decide to file their application for disability benefits without assistance from a lawyer. You do not have to have a disability lawyer, but you are the one who must decide whether you need one. Depending on how severely you are limited from work activity, your case could be fairly straightforward. However, some cases do become more complicated. Winning those cases could require a deeper familiarity with disability law.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of legitimate disability claims are turned down at the application stage. The SSA approves just a little over one-fourth of initial applications.

Of those who are denied, many are people who have pursued disability without getting legal advice first from a lawyer. Sometimes, this is because the interviewer’s decision is wrong. However, it is very often because the application is missing something or it fails to present everything needed to support a claim.

If you choose to seek help from a Social Security Disability Attorney from the beginning, your attorney can help you gather what you need for your application and ensure that your application is in the best possible form.

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