According to a recent Florida accident news report, a pedestrian narrowly escaped death or serious injury from a Florida trucking accident involving two dump trucks and a semi that occurred at 4:00 a.m., on Monday, January 7, in Florida City. The accident began when the first dump truck, loaded with gravel, overturned after the truck driver braked for a pedestrian who was walking on the shoulder of the road.

A second, gravel-laden dump truck, traveling behind the first crashed truck, wrecked into the first truck and overturned in the roadway. Finally, an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer slammed into the two wrecked trucks, which was unable to brake in time to avoid crashing into the wreck.

The pedestrian was the only one to walk away unharmed from the tremendous force of this Florida trucking accident. Each of the three drivers sustained injuries in the trucking accident and all were transported to hospitals.

It is unclear from news reports why this multi-truck pile-up accident resulted from the mere fact of a pedestrian walking on the shoulder of the roadway or why each of these several trucks was unable to brake in time to avoid an accident. It is possible that the pedestrian made some sudden move to cause this Florida accident. On the other hand, our Tampa trucking accident attorneys know that it is equally possible that the dump trucks were overloaded with too heavy a load, or speeding too fast for conditions, or both, when the first dump truck encountered the unexpected pedestrian.

Commercial trucks are subject to federal and state trucking safety regulations limiting the loads they can carry and carefully regulating the speeds at which they can travel, as well as the length of time that drivers can continuously drive without rest. When trucking accidents occur and cause personal injury or death to innocent victims, one of the first factors our experienced trucking accident attorneys examine is whether the trucks and truck drivers complied with all applicable trucking safety laws.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in a Florida trucking accident with a dump truck, semi, 18-wheeler, or other big rig, you have the right to know what caused the accident, the right to know who is at fault, and the right to seek appropriate monetary damages for your medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, lost future prospects, lost future support, pain and suffering, and other losses. To help you recover from catastrophic Tampa trucking accidents, you should seek competent legal advice from a knowledgeable Florida trucking accident attorney with a record of success in trucking accident personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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