Ian left its mark all over southeast and central Florida, and while Brooks Law Group is thankful to be walking out with minimal damage, our hearts are with all of our friends and neighbors who weren’t so lucky. Many of our friends in and around Polk County were affected by the high winds and rain that the storm brought last night, and will be looking at months of recovery. After assessing damages to their homes and properties this morning, the next step for many local residents is to call their insurance company and begin the claims process to get the help they need. It should be an easy process, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Just because you’ve faithfully paid your monthly premiums for years doesn’t mean you should assume the insurance company will be as faithful with their end of the contract.

Too often, homeowners who have experienced damage from a hurricane are faced with insurance companies that

  • delay claims without a valid reason
  • provide estimates that are lower than the known expense of the damages (a.k.a. “low-balling” their clients)
  • fail to follow through on promised payments
  • deny claims without cause or explanation

This is easily recognized as unethical by victims, yet many of them feel their hands are tied when it comes to pushing the claim. That’s why it’s vital for Florida homeowners facing this issue to call an experienced attorney who has a reputation of taking on the fight against insurance companies. When your insurance company isn’t playing by the rules, Brooks Law Group is ready to stand up for you. Our attorneys are prepared to push your claim through and get the compensation you deserve and the help you need, fast. 

Having your home damaged and living through a storm like Ian is traumatizing enough. Don’t let your insurance company make the hardships worse. When your claim is denied unfairly, look to Brooks. We take the fight for you and go in prepared to WIN. Our free, no-obligation consultation will give you an idea of just how we will handle your case, and what you can expect as we move forward.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our community at this time. If there is anything our team can do to help in the weeks ahead, we’re here for you!

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