Motorcyclist rides bike in motorcycle safety gear

Nothing says summertime like a clear sky and an open highway. Does this time of year have you thinking about a ride on your motorcycle? There are a few things you need to check before you hit the road. Making sure you have all the proper motorcycle safety gear could mean the difference between a relaxing ride and a trip to the ER.

The importance of safety gear cannot be overstated. Just this weekend, a motorcyclist near the Tampa area crashed his bike without a helmet on and unfortunately died. You can avoid tragedies like this if you take the necessary precautions. Read on for the top gear you need to stay safe on your motorcycle.

The Most Important Motorcycle Safety Gear

  1. Helmet: It’s no surprise that the helmet is the first thing on our list. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that helmets are 37% effective when it comes to preventing fatal injuries for motorcycle riders. Florida even requires riders to wear protective headgear unless they have the proper insurance coverage. You can read more about Florida’s motorcycle helmet laws on this previous blog post. A full-face helmet is the best choice for the most protection. This will keep you safer from harm if you hit your head in a crash.
  2. Face Protection: If you aren’t wearing a full-face helmet, it’s best to have some sort of protection for your face. Motorcycles don’t offer the same protection of a car windshield, so face shields, goggles, or glasses are encouraged. These can be tinted to keep the sun out of your eyes, and they will help guard against wind and debris from the road.
  3. Hearing Protection: The sound of the wind rushing past you is one of the best parts of riding a motorcycle. But don’t let that keep you from protecting your ears! Wearing a full-face helmet or ear protection can prevent hearing loss while still allowing you to hear important noises like car horns and emergency sirens.
  4. Footwear and Gloves: It’s very important that the footwear and gloves you choose are sturdy and secure enough to stay on in the event of a crash. Try to wear boots that give you enough support and cover the shins and ankles. Even in the summer, gloves are essential. They can protect your hands from sunburn and windburn, improve your grip on your bike, and keep your hands safer in an accident.
  5. Clothing: You may not put much thought into what you wear on your ride, but your clothes can have a great impact on your safety. Try to wear a jacket made of leather or another fabric made specifically for motorcycling. These will keep you from abrasions if you were to fall off your bike. Thick pants made of that same material will be more protective than average blue jeans. For even more protection, try a full riding suit.

Here at Brooks Law Group, we hope that however you choose to ride, you are staying as safe as possible while enjoying your motorcycle. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us today. We are experienced motorcycle accident attorneys and we would love to give you a free case evaluation!

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