Pedestrian Walk signal in the most dangerous county in Florida

One of the best ways to stay safe while driving is to be aware of your surroundings. That’s why we have a full interactive crash map where you can see the most deadly roads in Florida. But have you ever wondered if you live in the most dangerous county in Florida?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Pasco County is home to some of the most dangerous roads – more dangerous than the regional, statewide, and national averages! The most recent Pasco County statistics are grim:

  • 86 died in vehicle accidents in 2016
  • 107 died in vehicle accidents in 2017
  • 99 died in vehicle accidents in 2018

That brings the 3 year average of fatalities to 97 per year. US 19 (in west Pasco) is one of the most dangerous roads in Pasco County. Statistics show that that traffic related deaths are more common here than in the region or state.

What Improvements Has Pasco County Made?

The statistics inspired the community to take action. Pasco upgraded signs with larger fonts, installed streetlights on unlit routes, gave pedestrians blinking lights, and conducted traffic safety blitzes. Furthermore, they’ve spent millions of dollars to improve sidewalks, medians, and turning lanes. There are many upcoming projects to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe, especially on US 19. You can check out the status of these projects on the Florida Department of Transportation’s website.

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts and improvements, Pasco County is still the most dangerous – people in Pasco County are dying at a higher rate than on other highway in the nation.

What Can You Do?

It helps to know the most common causes of fatal accidents. In Pasco these are driving aggressively or under the influence, speeding, and running lights and stop signs.

If you drive in Pasco be aware of your surroundings. Don’t text and drive, and keep a safe distance between yourself and other cars. It goes without saying, but when walking, look both ways before crossing the street. Always wait for the “Walk” signal to appear on the crossing signs at intersections.

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