Deadliest Highways In Florida

Motorcycle accidents take the lives of countless bikers each year, and sadly, another individual was killed Saturday night in Tampa. A 43-year old Tampa motorcyclist was heading north on I-75 when he lost control of his bike around milepost 254. While the Florida Highway Patrol said the cause of the accident wasn’t known, what is known is that the biker became separated from his motorcycle after the initial crash, and was then hit by other northbound traffic. He and his motorcycle were successively struck by four sedans, one pickup truck, and one tractor trailer. Thankfully, no other injuries occurred in this accident, but the loss of even one life is one too many.

While there are countless tips for safely operating a motorcycle and driving cautiously when biking in Florida, we believe there’s another key component to address in an accident like this one.

Defensive Driving.

Driving defensively does not mean driving aggressively or reacting negatively to those around you when behind the wheel. Rather, a defensive driver is one who:

  • stays alert at all times
  • scans the road continually, both immediately in front of the vehicle and long-distance
  • routinely checks all mirrors to keep tabs on nearby traffic
  • removes all distractions while driving (turns off phone, keeps music at a reasonable volume, keeps activity in the car to a minimum, and does not engage in any other activities while driving (including eating, using makeup, texting, etc.)

When you drive defensively, you are always ready to react appropriately when an accident occurs around you. While this particular death likely wouldn’t have been prevented by different actions on the part of any other involved drivers, other deaths can be prevented when secondary collisions are avoided with defensive driving techniques. For example, a defensive driver might see someone coming into their lane while on the highway and be forced to make a split second decision. By immediately reacting and adjusting their speed, safely changing to another lane, and/or using their car horn to signal the other driver in time to avoid an accident, they are potentially saving lives, including their own.

Really, defensive driving is all about acute awareness of the road and other drivers around you. Defending victims of car accidents and wrongful deaths in court is much the same. A good attorney will be aware of all aspects of your case, and take the measures necessary to best achieve the results you deserve and the compensation you need to move forward in life. For victims in the greater Tampa Bay area and their families, Brooks Law Group is ready to stand up and be the voice they need in the courtroom or around the negotiation table. Accidents happen, and when they do, Central Florida residents know they should always Look to Brooks.

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