With well over 260 million vehicles registered in the United States alone and nearly 218 million people with a valid driver’s license, it is no wonder that every single year, around 3 million are injured because of a car accident.

Because of this, the team here at Brooks Law Group, is no stranger to motorcycle accident cases, wrongful death claims, semi truck accident cases, and more. If you find yourself regularly driving a semi truck, then it is important to stay alert and aware of the best driving practices possible.

By keeping tips like the following in mind, you could avoid putting yourself and others in danger, as well as landing yourself a negligence or misconduct related charge. All it takes is one mishap to find yourself in the midst of car or motorcycle accident cases. Learn more below.

Stay Alert to Bad Weather

Driving a truck across multiple states means being alert to all types of weather conditions. Winter weather in most areas means accounting for snow, ice, and harsh winds, and it is never a good idea to drive fast when conditions are not ideal.

It is all too easy to lose control, and trying to maneuver a bigger vehicle back into the correct lane is never a simple task. Avoid accidents (or the ditch) by adjusting your speed for poor weather.

Do Not Drive When Tired

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of semi truck accidents. Many times drivers are required to meet certain deadlines causing them to drive well past the point they should. If you are in this line of work, and you feel that your exhaustion is limiting your ability to drive well, pull over right away and get the rest you need.

All in all, risking your life, as well as the lives of others is not worth it. You are always better off getting the sleep you need to function as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Follow the Rules of the Road

This may seem like a no-brainer, but be sure to adhere to all traffic laws, such as using your turn signals, following speed limits, and wearing a seatbelt. According to data from 2016, seat belts saved well over 14,000 lives in that year alone. There is a reason these regulations are set in place and adhering to them only increases safety levels on the road.

Need Our Help?

Were you involved in a truck accident and need our help? We specialize in a large amount of vehicle-related cases. We can provide you with a lawyer to help you through your trucking accident case and guide you along this process. Truck accidents need to be handled with care and precision, and we are more than happy to help you every step of the way.

And that’s not all. We take motorcycle accident cases, personal injury cases, drug and medical device cases, and more. Contact us today, so we can take care of you.

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