Delivery Van Accidents

In the last three years, delivery services have become the norm for households across America. From your favorite takeout restaurant to your toothpaste and groceries, you can have (almost) anything delivered right to your front door within a matter of hours. Because delivery services have grown astronomically though, the influx of new delivery drivers on the roads has certainly been a problem. More commercial vehicles on the roads, along with new drivers who have little experience, mean a much higher chance of getting into an accident with one of these delivery services.

How can you protect yourself (and your packages) when on the road or in your own neighborhood?

  • If driving near one of these delivery vehicles, remember that they can’t always see you. Much like commercial trucks, delivery vans have larger-than-average blind spots and can struggle to see you if you are riding alongside or directly behind them. Follow the same rules you would if you were driving near a semi-truck and be sure to get past them quickly to avoid collisions.
  • Give them some space…and some grace! Don’t crowd delivery vans and trucks when you’re on the road or when you’re near them in parking lots. Many of these drivers are newly trained and just getting experience, and could all use plenty of space as they learn, and a little grace from those around them. Remember, one day they could be bringing your much-needed items to your front door.
  • Be mindful when on foot. If you’re walking in your neighborhood, watch for delivery vans. Unfortunately, speeding can be a problem as some of them have quotas or deadlines to meet, so be sure to keep a cautious eye out when you’re jogging or taking your dog out for some exercise.
  • Don’t park in the roadway. We suggest keeping your vehicles in your own garage or driveway if at all possible. When you park on the road, not only is it more difficult for other drivers to get around, but it also puts your vehicle at a higher risk of damage.

If you do find yourself facing injuries or damages due to an accident involving a delivery driver, the team at Brooks Law Group is here to help! We specialize in commercial vehicle accidents, and represent victims all over Central Florida. We seek out the compensation you need and the justice you deserve, so you can heal and move on. Call us for your FREE consultation!

When you get an accident instead of the package you were waiting for, Look to Brooks!

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