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Pool pump explosions. What are they, and why are more Tampa homeowners worrying about them? It’s an important topic, and one we’re ready to tackle head-on.

In Florida, a backyard pool is as common as a car parked in the driveway. Thanks to our extreme weather, homeowners consider private pools as a huge asset, and as a respite from the year-round hot temperatures. Unfortunately, swimming pools come with risks. Drowning is, as expected, one of the most well-known risks as these tragic accidents often make the news. However, drowning isn’t the only risk associated with pool ownership. Swimming pools come with another lesser-known (but just as dangerous) threat.

Have you ever heard of a pool pump explosion? If not, it’s time to pay attention.

What is a pool pump?

According to pool equipment experts, a pump is the “heart” of your swimming pool. This important piece of equipment circulates the water in your pool through various filters, skimmers, and heaters necessary for your pool’s function. Pool pumps are installed by pool technicians holding the required certification, skills, and experience, or a licensed electrician. Proper installation of a pool pump is key to both function and safety.

Pool pumps have many components, and they operate under extreme pressure. This can create a dangerous situation if the equipment wears out, is damaged, etc.

What causes a pool pump explosion?

Since pool pumps operate under pressure, there is extensive wear and tear to the various components of the unit. Over time, this breakdown can essentially turn the pool pump into a bomb in your own backyard. A Pinellas County homeowner experienced this firsthand when he became a victim of a pool pump explosion after routine maintenance. He said:

“I came out and cleaned the pool filter like I’ve done hundreds of times…when it exploded, this whole piece (the top of the unit) shot up in the air.”

When the explosion happened, the victim had a deep cut across the forehead that reached the skull. The amount of force needed to cause an injury like this is shocking and shows just how dangerous these pool pumps can be.

What actually causes a pool pump explosion though?

With so many elements making up the pool pump, there are lots of things that can go wrong, including:

Filter clamps that wear out over time

The clamps that hold together the two halves of your pool pump create the necessary pressure seal. However, if these clamps wear out, the parts of the pump can blow apart under this pressure, causing a dangerous explosion.

Pressure release valve defects

pool pump

What could possibly go wrong with your pool pump?

A pressure valve helps regulate the conditions within your unit. Designers created it to release excess pressure and prevent explosions. However, if this part is defective or is damaged in some way, your pool pump will not be able to regulate its pressure internally, and that can be deadly.

Issues in design and manufacturing

As we mentioned, your pool pump has many parts. Each of these components must work together seamlessly for your pool pump to operate safely and effectively. If any of these parts were poorly designed, or if there was a mistake in the manufacturing process, your pool pump could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Lack of maintenance

This one comes down to you. As a pool owner, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of your pool. This includes regular inspections of your pool pump, and necessary maintenance to keep it clean and working well. Lack of maintenance, or DIY maintenance, is a huge factor in pool pump explosions.

Regardless of the reason, pool pump explosions can be fatal. They cause hundreds of devastating injuries each year, many of them right here in Central Florida.

What kinds of injuries occur with these explosions?

Many types of injuries can occur with a pool pump explosion. However, injuries emergency services see most are:

  • serious injuries to the eyes, including blindness
  • concussions
  • skull fractures
  • neck and facial trauma
  • traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • cuts and bruises to the upper body
  • nerve damage (resulting from the aforementioned injuries)

Each of these injuries is devastating on its own, but many victims experience a combination of these. A pool pump explosion can leave individuals maimed for life, affecting their ability to work, live independently, or even function normally within society.

What does Brooks Law Group do for Tampa pool pump explosion victims?

At Brooks Law Group, our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers is here for victims of pool pump explosions. When a pool pump explodes, it’s important to determine if faulty manufacturing, improper maintenance by a pool company, or user error is to blame. In many cases, the victim was innocent in the situation and is paying the price for another’s negligence.

Brooks Law Group stands up for these victims, making sure they are represented well from the day their case opens until the settlement is complete. We fight for the justice you deserve, and the compensation you need as you heal and attempt to move forward in life. You don’t pay unless we win, and our free consultations make it easy to evaluate our legal practice and your comfort with our lawyers. We truly are here for you and we do our best to help you in your moment of need.

Call us to learn more or book your complimentary case review online. Pool-pump explosions are more common than you think. If one happens to you, you know you can Look to Brooks.

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