teen car accident

Although a car accident can’t be classified as “simple”, there are accidents that unfortunately are worse than others. Accidents in which a life is lost are devastating not only to the family and friends of the person, but to the community.

Death of 17-year old Pasco County girl, Lilia Grace Morris

These accidents, unfortunately, happen not only to adults, but also to teenagers just starting their lives; this was the case with 17-year old Lilia Grace Morris. Lilia lost her life yesterday afternoon when she was hit by a sport-utility vehicle that ran a red light. Lilia had the green light at the intersection to cross State Road 54, when the 2008 Chevrolet SUV ran the red light and hit Lilia’s 2009 Honda on the driver’s side. Unfortunately, her car was hit so hard that it hit two other cars. As of today, the driver of the Chevrolet is unknown – there were three people in the car, one of which was injured and another which ran from the scene.

How many teenagers lose their life because of a car accident?

Statistics show that in 2015 alone, 2,333 US teenagers (ages 16-19) were killed and 235,845 were treating in hospitals or emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. The number of those who were killed may seem a lot smaller than those who were injured, but if you do the math you will find that six teens died every day because of a motor vehicle accident.

What can I do to help prevent deaths and injuries in a car crash?

There are simple habits that one should not only practice, but also teach the growing generations

  • Don’t text and drive
  • Always wear a seat belt (in 2016 at least 48% of the teens that died were not wearing a seat belt during the crash).
  • Never drink and drive
  • Follow all driving laws – speed limits, signs, no cell phones
  • BE COURTEOUS to other drivers (nobody owns the road, being courteous can prevent one from dealing with angry drivers)
  • Drive defensively

Contact Brooks Law Group

Although we can take many prevention measures and educate the coming generations, there are other drivers out there who, unfortunately, drive recklessly and can cause accidents.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a car accident, contact Brooks Law Group today at 1-800-LAW-3030. Attorneys at Brooks Law Group are ready to help you navigate through treatment for your injuries or compensation for your loss. Attorneys at Brooks Law Group understand that one never expects to be part of traumatic events like these and therefore, may be facing financial hardships so they work on a contingent basis meaning. This means we don’t get paid until you receive compensation.

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