Rain and slick roads present danger to all manner of vehicles, but they can be especially treacherous for motorcycle riders.

Unless you’ve been cooped up inside all year, you’ve probably noticed what a rainy year the Tampa Bay area has had in 2019. The year has been characterized by cloudy skies and more than your average Florida sunshowers. The past few days have also been especially dreary. While I’m sure we all miss the sunshine, the grey skies and rainy weather do more than just dampen your outdoor plans. Rain and slick roads present danger to all manner of vehicles, but they can be especially treacherous for motorcycle riders.

Tampa Experiences a Wet 2019

You probably got more use out of your umbrella or rain jacket if you were a Tampa resident in 2019. The area received more than 60 inches of rainfall on average this year, and it looks like we’re going to close out the year in a familiar fashion.

That’s a lot of rain! We all know how frustrating and nerve-wracking it can be to drive through heavy rainfall. There is a reason we slow down and take extra caution when we’re caught in a storm. The danger is even more apparent for those on motorcycles.

Motorcycle Fatality Statistics in Florida

At the Brooks Law Group, we are big fans of Florida motorcyclists. That’s why we often dedicate our time and resources to supporting local motorcycle organizations and events. That’s also why we spend so much time talking about motorcyclists and bringing awareness to motorcycle crash information. The more bikers and drivers alike are aware of the potential for tragedy and practicing safe driving and riding techniques, the safer motorcyclists can be on the road.

We have a lot of bikers in our state. The (usually) sunny skies and open roads bring out a lot of enthusiasts. Unfortunately, we also experience a lot of motorcycle accidents and even fatalities.

Rainy Weather Safety Tips for Bikers

While many motorcycle accidents and fatalities take place when the sun is shining, there’s no denying that rainy weather presents a number of dangerous elements. These include, but are not at all limited to, reduced traction, reduced visibility, and limited maneuverability. Avoiding rainy weather as a biker is not as easy as staying off the roads when bad weather looms. Our state is known for its unpredictable weather and a beautiful day can turn into a gloomy one in no time. If you find yourself on the road in rainy weather and want to avoid motorcycle crashes, here are some tips from the Tampa motorcycle accident attorneys at Brooks Law Group:

  1. Take it slow.
    With only two wheels and reduced traction, it’s much more important to arrive at your destination alive than to be late.
  2. Avoid road paint and anything other than asphalt.
    The roads are slick enough. Things like painted strips and cat’s eyes can reduce your bike’s traction even more and cause you to lose control.
  3. Be very mindful of other drivers.
    You aren’t the only one with reduced visibility in rainy weather. Car and truck drivers often fail to notice motorcyclists even in the best of conditions. You need to take special care of anyone else on the road. Even if you are doing everything correctly, someone else’s mistake could result in a life-changing injury.
  4. Find an exit and wait out the storm if needed.

While experienced bikers have taken on their fair share of poor weather conditions, some weather isn’t worth the anxiety or hassle. If the weather is bad enough, find a place to pull off and see if you can wait out the storm.

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