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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare:

Your child has been injured, or worse, has lost his or her life, in a car crash. This tragedy became a reality for the parents of 5 local teens in June. The group was killed in a crash after finishing their shift at a nearby restaurant. All 5 were aged 18-19 and were either recent high school graduates or attending their first year of college. This devastating accident left behind 5 grieving families who now must grapple with questions that will never have answers. Predominantly, the question:

Who’s at fault?

If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident where he or she was the passenger in the vehicle, you might be wondering who’s at fault for their death. Many victims’ families aren’t sure where to turn after receiving such devastating news. Obviously, overseeing final arrangements for their loved one takes precedence in their minds, but the desire for justice follows closely behind. That’s where a legal team comes in to provide support, guidance, and a voice during this difficult time. A quality lawyer prioritizes your best interest and stands up for your loved one in their absence. Your legal team will be in contact with law enforcement and help determine your best next steps for determining fault and moving forward with a case.

Does this count as a wrongful death?

The answer to this varies widely from case to case. Law enforcement and your attorney will determine who’s at fault. Variables like weather, traffic, speed, and more determine the classification of wrongful death in a car accident case. If it is classified as wrongful death, your legal team will guide you in your next steps.

What’s next in a wrongful death case?

After law enforcement agents have determined fault in the accident, your lawyer can provide a variety of services. At Brooks Law Group, a few of the ways we help families during this time include:

Contact with law enforcement

Staying in touch with law enforcement is a big part of staying on top of a case. When we’re providing legal counsel for a family after losing a loved one in a car accident, we need to know when the investigation is complete and if any criminal charges have been made. This is pertinent information for our clients and for us as we build a case.

Civil lawsuits for wrongful death

We begin the process of filing a civil lawsuit on behalf of families for the injuries, and wrongful death, blamed on the accident in question. We use evidence, interviews, and our in-depth knowledge of Florida law to build a case that can stand up in any court, and will get the results you need and deserve.

Assistance with insurance claims

Following an accident, victims’ families must make many insurance claims for medical expenses, lost income, final expenses, and more. These families must file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company when applicable, but can also file with their own insurance providers in some cases. Always discuss insurance claims (and suggested settlements) with your attorney. We bring negotiation skills and experience to the table, and prioritize you and your needs. We won’t let insurance companies lowball you with unfair settlements.

Emotional support

Lawyers can be the stronghold you need when facing a wrongful death in your family. Many will not only offer their legal services but can put you in touch with grief support groups in your area. Brooks Law Group believes in compassionate, personalized service for our clients. Our skilled lawyers walk beside you each step of the way, providing the support needed when the process gets hard. We know that this season brings much grief and pain for you and your family, and our goal is to make the legal side of the equation as easy as possible to minimize additional stress.

Tampa families trust Brooks Law Group

Tampa Bay families who have experienced the grief of losing a loved one in a car accident turn to Brooks Law Group when they need help. Seeking the justice your loved one deserves and the compensation your family needs as you move forward is our priority. We focus on building a case that holds at-fault parties accountable for their actions. Our team is never more than a phone call away when you need to ask a question, clarify information, or simply need a word of encouragement or support. Schedule a free consultation where we’ll discuss your case and learn more about your loved one. It’s risk-free! Your family doesn’t pay unless we win your case. We give victims of wrongful death a voice. When tragedy strikes, the families of victims always Look to Brooks.

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