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Summer always increases interest in rideshare services in Tampa Bay. Vacationers will be busy scheduling rides for trips to and from the TIA, Busch Gardens, the Florida Aquarium, and other local attractions. For some people though, using a rideshare service is a new concept. Are you a first-timer heading to Florida this summer? That’s ok! Brooks Law Group has you covered with this helpful how-to guide.

What is a rideshare?

Rideshares are a fairly modern concept, increasing dramatically in popularity in the last 10 years. While taxis and chauffering services have been around for generations, these options were available primarily in large cities and urban areas and weren’t easily accessible by everyone. Rideshare services on the other hand exist almost everywhere in the United States and can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

A rideshare service typically involves setting up an account online using your Email address or setting up an account within the app of your chosen service provider. Rides can be requested, scheduled, and paid for digitally. Drivers are vetted by the company and provide a profile (including their license plate number for safety purposes!) and proper licensure and insurance.

Rideshares differ from carpooling in that they are a for-hire service, rather than a group of people sharing the cost of a trip or commute. However, carpoolers can and do use rideshare services, choosing to divide the cost of the fee among themselves.

Why should I use a rideshare?

Rideshares are useful for a variety of reasons, including:

  • saving money on gas and parking
  • avoiding driving in traffic in busy cities
  • transportation when traveling without your car (i.e. flying)
  • traveling in an unfamiliar area
  • safe transportation after consuming alcohol

When it comes to summer vacations, Tampa is always bustling with activity. We are one of Central Florida’s primary destinations! Rideshares not only lets you avoid the stress of driving and parking in the traffic but also lets you enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that you won’t have to navigate unfamiliar roads and waste precious vacation time.

What are the most popular driver services in Tampa?

When choosing a rideshare service, the options can seem endless. Here in Central Florida, the most popular choices are:


Uber is one of the most established rideshare services. They provide rides in multiple countries and are available throughout the entirety of America. With competitive pricing, an easy-to-use app, and a long list of qualified drivers, they’re a great choice for first-time rideshare users.


Much like Uber, Lyft is a widely known and widely available rideshare service. While not quite as large as Uber, they have an outstanding reputation among drivers who work with them, and get solid reviews from passengers as well.


Wingz alludes to its purpose with its very name. They are growing their presence in Florida with services that started in Miami and Orlando. Now, they’ve come to Tampa! Wingz offers rides to and from airports to major nearby attractions, making them a great choice for travelers. They now provide transportation for those flying into (and out of) Tampa International Airport.


Hitch isn’t as familiar as Uber or Lyft, but is a great option for travelers needing a long-distance ride from one city to another. They operate on stations, and travel between major cities. They’re currently available in Florida!


DASH is a hub-to-hub rideshare service right here in Tampa! We have more in-depth information on this amazing new service here.

How do I use a rideshare service?

If you’re new to rideshare services, you don’t need to stress. It’s easy!

Follow these easy steps to schedule your first ride for this New Year holiday:

  1. Use your Email address to set up an account within the rideshare service browser, or within their app
  2. Enter your destination (or select your chosen station/hub) in the provided space
  3. Passenger in rideshare using phone in backseat

    Always check your driver upon their arrival!

    Get matched with a driver

  4. Confirm your ride with the steps given by the provider
  5. In some apps, you can track your driver as they approach your pickup spot
  6. When it arrives, check your ride by comparing the personal information, make/model/color of the car, and the license plate number

Don’t forget to rate your ride when you arrive at your destination! Reviews help the rideshare services better understand what customers need and want. What’s more, in cases of a positive experience, your review will help your driver!

What happens if my rideshare gets into an accident?

Like any other type of transportation, accidents do happen to rideshare drivers. There are many cases where passengers have been injured or killed in these collisions. Not long ago, Tampa experienced one of these tragedies firsthand. Just before 11 PM on December 6th, a 22-year-old fleeing police in a stolen Ford Mustang slammed head-on into a Dodge Caravan on The Skyway Bridge. The Mustang reached speeds of 140 miles per hour during the chase, and the collision left the driver of the van and two of its passengers dead on impact. One other passenger sustained serious injuries in the crash. Sadly, the Dodge Caravan was a rideshare, and the passengers killed and injured were visitors to Tampa from Ohio. The accident closed all lanes of Interstate 275 for hours.

Brooks Law Group represents victims impacted by accidents just like this one. If you or someone you love is injured in a rideshare accident while in Tampa Bay, our team is ready to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. We understand that rideshare accidents involve not just the driver, but also the company providing the service. Our experience in this area means we can more quickly and effectively build your case, and maximize your settlement.

Worried you can’t afford legal help after your accident? We don’t expect pay from you unless we win your case. Your first consultation and every consultation afterward is FREE until your case is closed. We stand behind victims and are passionate about making sure you get the help you need. When rideshare accidents happen, Look to Brooks.

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