Last month Attorney Stephen K. Brooks and motorcycle riding trainer, Joe Strohmier came together to release their book, “Florida Motorcycle Accidents.” The book contains useful tips on riding in tumultuous weather, fix-it yourself advice, and information regarding motorcycle insurance. The pre-ordering of the book hit the market on Amazon right on time for Motorcycle Awareness month, May. Here at Brooks Law Group we decided to make the summer of 2015 Motorcycle Awareness Season!

Motorcycles originated all across Europe in the last decade of the 1800’s. From Germany to England then home to Massachusetts motorcycles evolved from the bicycle medium they once were. There were steam powered cycles on three wheels then 4 cylinder bicycles hailing from Belgium. Imagine what it was like to ride this new invention for the first time. By today’s standards motorcycles are machines built to last. The motorcycle has many exciting components to choose from for your personal preference however the one component that is often overlooked is insurance.

As stated in this easy to read book, there are key types of insurance that can make a difference in your life if you are injured on a motorcycle. The most common misconception is that your automobile insurance will cover you while you ride your motorcycle. This is not true.

When motorcycles were first invented the accidents had to be much different from what they are today. The world was far less populated and horses were still used for transportation. Regardless of where you live one thing is certain: as soon as you get on your motorcycle you are risking your life far greater than hopping in a vehicle. The elemental forces are interacting with you directly. A simple pebble in the road could cause disaster. “Florida Motorcycle Accidents” outlines the 5 most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida. Three out of four motorcycle accidents are caused by other vehicles. “WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES” can’t be written big enough.

Florida offers a flat land for riders, which is especially ideal for beginners. However, there is another dynamic at play; international tourists year round. The beach, the cities, the restaurants, the nightlife are all attractions for everyone to enjoy, but many tourists do not know the law of the land in regards to motorcycle awareness. When you are riding on your motorcycle you expect that everyone is aware of your presence just as you are of theirs but when you are travelling behind a lost tourist how are you to know? It is imperative that you heed Joe Strohmier’s techniques on proper skidding and braking. The role of the motorcycle rider is to be prepared and experienced in order to save their life and someone else’s.

Joe Strohmier is a military veteran with over 40 years of riding experience. He owns and operates Joe’s Motorcycle Training LLC, which has location popping up all over Florida. You can request a free copy of “Florida Motorcycle Accidents” at on our home page simply click on the link to request a free consumer guide, specify this book title. You can find out more about Joe’s exciting motorcycle riding classes and his new locations by going to his website

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