large dump truck traveling on highway with clear blue skies in background

When you think of commercial truck accidents, you likely envision semi-truck crashes or even delivery truck collisions. Chances are, dump truck accidents aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, dump trucks, and other large-scale construction vehicles, lead to hundreds of accidents each year.

In Tampa Bay, the huge influx of development in the last decade means dump trucks are a common sight on our local roads. In 2022 alone, the metro Tampa area saw an over 20% increase in residential construction permits. The state of Florida as a whole ranks 2nd in the country for issuance of building permits, with thousands of businesses relocating to the Sunshine State each year. All that construction means construction vehicle accidents are far more likely than they were in years past.

How likely are dump truck accidents on main roads?

While not as common as semi-truck accidents, dump truck accidents can, and do, happen on our local roads. Just this month a driver was killed after colliding with a dump truck on Lucerne Park Road in Winter Haven. Approximately 500,000 commercial truck accidents happen in the United States annually, and run-ins with dump trucks and other construction vehicles certainly make that list.

Why are these trucks so dangerous for other drivers?

Much like semi-trucks and other large-scale commercial vehicles, dump trucks are oversized, heavy, and have limited visibility from the driver’s seat. In addition to these factors, dump trucks have additional risks with their mechanical components and the loads they carry. Common kinds of accidents experienced with dump trucks include:

Tip Over Accidents

Due to their large size, and heavy loads, dump trucks can be very unstable. This is especially true when they have the box raised to a “dump” position. Individuals and other vehicles near these trucks are at risk of being crushed if the load becomes unbalanced and the truck turns over.

Mechanical Failure

Dump trucks have a long list of mechanical components. If any of these fail, an accident could be imminent. Brake failure, issues with the hydraulics, or even loss of steering control have been listed as causes of dump truck accidents.

Operator Error

Whether due to poor judgment, lack of experience/training, or impairment, operator error is a major cause of dump truck collisions and accidents. Examples of operator error are:

  • speeding
  • failing to properly check mirrors before backing up, turning, changing lanes, or dumping a load of cargo
  • distracted driving
  • lack of knowledge of the truck’s mechanical components (points to lack of experience and training)
  • use of alcohol or drugs before (or while) driving
  • fatigue
woman holds hand over mouth and looks shocked behind wheel of her car after rock hits windshield and leaves large crack in glass

Even a single unsecured rock can have a huge impact when driving behind a dump truck!

Secondary Impact

Because dump trucks haul a wide variety of items, failing to secure the box (and what’s inside it) could be catastrophic. Rocks, bricks, and other debris can fly out of the box, striking other vehicles at high speeds. Ensuring that cargo is properly secured with tarps and following all safety protocols is vital for dump truck operators.

Who can I sue after a dump truck accident?

If you’ve been in an accident with a dump truck, who can you sue? After all, who is at fault in a dump truck accident? The driver or operator of the truck? The company that contracted the vehicle? The manufacturer? The mechanic?

In short, the answer to this question depends entirely on the specific circumstances of your case. Each party could hold some level of responsibility (or none at all!) based on the details of your accident. The weather, maintenance record on the dump truck, recall from the manufacturer, condition of the driver, etc. all determine who’s to blame for your accident.

Can Brooks Law Group represent me after a commercial truck accident?

Absolutely. Tampa Bay victims trust us because we have the knowledge, experience, and resources you need to get the compensation you deserve. We go after all at-fault parties, ensuring you get the maximum settlement for your injuries and damages. With an extensive background in commercial truck accidents, our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the process. We manage your case, while you focus on healing and moving forward after your accident.

If you’ve been in a dump truck accident in Central Florida, contact us for your free consultation. You only pay if we WIN, so there’s no risk to you. We are in your corner and ready to fight for you. You can always Look to Brooks!