Stressed woman behind the steering wheel - Stress Awareness Month

April has arrived, and because it’s designated as Stress Awareness Month, the team at Brooks Law Group feels this is a great time to give a shout-out to our local Tampa commuters.

Driving on I-75 or I-4, navigating “Malfunction Junction,” and making your way through the side roads to get to the office on time is certainly a source of stress for many of us who live here. Thanks to Florida’s year-round popularity with tourists, and our abundance of residents who enjoy our sunny state, we almost always contend with traffic when we pull out of the garage.

Stress and your health

annoyed driver - Stress Awareness MonthSure, the traffic is a headache, but did you know it can actually be bad for your health? It’s true! Researchers have found that consistently driving in traffic not only exposes you to more air pollution (and the health concerns that come with it). Beyond that, it also raises your blood pressure, increases adrenaline over long periods, and can lead to long-term complications.

While you might not be able to give up your commute, you can take measures to reduce these effects on your body when you hit the road each day.

For Stress Awareness Month: Our tips for reducing stress during your commute

When you get behind the wheel, try:

  • Classical or soothing music. Everyone loves a good jam session in the car, but when stress is already high, classical music can calm your mind and lower your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Mindful Meditation. Whether self-guided or guided via a recording, meditating while driving (with open eyes and attention on the traffic, of course) is a great way to center your thoughts and bring down your stress levels. Obviously, it needs to be the right kind of meditation that does not risk anyone’s safety and is suited to your current task of participating in traffic. When it comes to the question of meditation and traffic, “Mindfulness” is the operative word.
  • Using the time to do something you enjoy. Listen to a favorite podcast or call a friend and enjoy catching up. If you’re combining the time stuck in the car with something enjoyable, it will lower your stress. Make sure, though, to maintain the proper attention for driving!
  • Overestimate your time! If you know traffic is a battle, and being late stresses you out as much or more than the traffic, plan ahead and give yourself an extra 20 minutes (give or take) to allow for the delays.

Should you ever need an accident attorney in Tampa…

Brooks Law Group is proud to be part of the Tampa community, and we struggle through the commute each day just like you do! We know accidents can and do happen on these highways, and we make it a goal to give each driver a safe, understanding place to turn for help when they find themselves in an accident.

We believe everyone deserves quality representation and someone to fight in their corner, and that’s what our team provides for Tampa victims. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your case and see why Tampa Looks to Brooks after an accident.

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