It has been almost one year since the deadly accident that killed Wiley Clark occurred. Perhaps you never heard of him but Mr. Clark is an important example of what Wrongful Death means. Mr. Clark was a retired investigator for the Bradford County State Attorney’s office and was going out for breakfast one Sunday morning but he never came home.

Wiley was killed by a semi-truck travelling in the opposite direction which veered over a median into Wiley’s lane hitting him head-on at excessive speeds. The semi-truck was owned by Swift Transportation which hauls loads frequently for Walmart. According to reports, the driver had worked 65 hours straight that week and was fatigued. We can follow the rules of the road as much as the law tells us but that does not mean the person next to you is doing the same thing. The truth is that every morning we all leave the house just like Mr. Clark and we have trust in those we share the road with. We trust that the next person is aware, sober, and licensed. In this case Mr. Clark’s wife filed a Wrongful Death lawsuit claiming that the Swift Transportation driver was fatigued and his truck was not up to federal standards.

This case is an excellent example of Wrongful Death claims turned into cases. Mrs. Clark is now a widow, the man she loved will never be replaced. Mrs. Clark believes her husband would still be alive had Walmart and Swift Transportation followed federal regulations by not forcing them to move products in narrow time brackets.

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