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On this Wednesday’s Inside Look by Brooks, Steve Brooks has asked a special guest to come on the show for an interview. Dr. Ali Hamtaee of Spine Correction joins us as one of the high-quality medical providers that our firm and clients frequently work with.

Special Guest Interview: Dr. Ali Hamtaee from Spine Correction

Steve and Dr. Hamtaee cover a variety of topics throughout this Wednesday’s Inside Look By Brooks. Dr. Hamtaee covers his medical background and how he first got involved treating personal injury and auto accident cases. One of the first topics they cover is the important role that Chiropractic Physicians play when it comes to car accident victims. You’ll also get a chance to see all of the complexities that surround the human spine with some of the props that Dr. Hamtaee brought with him for the interview. All that and so much more on this Wednesday’s Inside Look by Brooks. We hope you enjoy!

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