We hear it all the time, that as a society we need to be more active. Doctors have told us that having an active lifestyle can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. One way to be more active is by walking. However, AARP has done a study showing that our streets are inherently dangerous to pedestrians and people in wheelchairs.

The research called, Dangerous by Design, looked at data taken over a 9 year stretch and accidents that involved 46,149 pedestrian deaths. They found that factors such as streets without sidewalks, wide lanes that encourage speeding, along with distracted drivers all are major contributors to pedestrian fatalities. Not only did this study look at what caused pedestrian to get hit by automobiles, it also looked at what areas are the worst for pedestrians. The pedestrian danger index ranked every state along with the 104 largest metro areas in the United States. The study found that Florida is the most dangerous state in America for walkers. This is nothing new either, Florida has been the most dangerous state for pedestrians every year the study has been conducted. Nine of the top eleven most dangerous cities also are on the list, with the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater area being the second most dangerous metros for pedestrians. We need to protect pedestrians in our home cities better.

Our cities can help make our streets friendlier for walkers and bikers. All streets need to have easily accessible sidewalks, along with more crosswalks. Drivers need to put down there phones and pay attention. Distracted drivers are much more likely to hit a walker than a non distracted driver. Pedestrians can do their part by making sure they look twice before crossing the street, as well as utilizing crosswalks and sidewalks. Many of these pedestrian fatalities can be avoided with better planning by developers along with both drivers and pedestrians paying attention.

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