semi truck accident cases

There are car accidents every day on today’s roads. But perhaps some of the most deadly accidents are those involving semi trucks. In 2016 alone, there were around 475,000 police-reported accidents involving large trucks — 22% of which resulted in injuries. With the severity of truck accidents, it’s always important to hire a reputable attorney to work on the case. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of working with an attorney on semi truck accident cases.

Truck accidents cause more damage. Being hit by a truck is different than being hit by a car in a number of ways — but mainly because truck accidents usually result in extensive damage. Trucks are bigger and heavier than cars, which causes more serious injuries and property damages in accidents. Because of this, the compensation in semi truck accident cases can be higher. And in order to receive fair compensation for serious damage and injuries, the help of a lawyer will be needed.

More than one party may be at fault. In an accident between two cars, it’s usually pretty clear who was at fault. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case with trucking accidents. In fact, there may be several parties at fault — the driver, the truck manufacturer, the trucking company, the repair shop that worked on the truck, and a number of other parties could be found responsible for causing the accident. It takes an attorney with years of experience and knowledge to gather the evidence needed to prove exactly who was at fault for the accident.

There are more laws to consider. The trucking industry has several laws and regulations. From inspection guidelines to driver qualifications and everything in between, there are regulations that must be followed by trucking companies. And if one of these regulations isn’t followed, an accident may occur. However, it can be difficult to figure out which laws were and weren’t followed and how they impacted the accident. Fortunately, an experienced truck accident lawyer will know which questions to ask and which laws should have been followed.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to hire a lawyer for a truck accident case. With the right lawyer, you’ll have the best chance possible of receiving fair compensation.

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