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Have you ever wondered if the size of your car or others around you could affect the outcome in a car crash? As an adult I’ve had some close calls on the interstate, most of them can be blown off after a few minutes – but there are two cases that have stuck with me. Unfortunately, both have involved a semi-truck. In one case I was driving home and noticed that the semi-truck was starting to go too close to my lane; I realized that the driver was falling asleep so I had to honk to wake him up causing him to swerve. Since then, no matter what size car I’m driving, I tense up around semi-trucks and am afraid that one may end up hitting me.

What are the chances of getting hit by a semi-truck?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration a study showed that during a 33-month period about 120,000 crashes nationwide involve at least one large truck. The main types of semi-truck crashes include: running into another travel lane, losing control of the semi-truck due to things like road condition, and rear-ending the vehicle in front.

There are many reasons that these types of crashes occur, including but not limited to:

  • Traveling too fast for weather and/or road conditions
  • Driver fatigue
  • Brake problems
  • Tailgating
  • Over-the-counter drug use
  • Driver is unfamiliar with the roadway
  • Distracted driving – cell phones or other accidents

Death caused by a semi-trailer very close to home

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a semi-trailer hit a Hyundai Santa Fe a few days ago at around 3:30pm when its tire tread separated. Unfortunately, the semi-truck was pulling hydrogen peroxide and the driver lost control impacting the Hyundai. The semi-truck overturned and caught fire after the crash causing the death of the driver. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver and passenger in the Hyundai were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Ways to prevent accidents between yourself and a semi-truck

Because semi-truck accidents, like any other, occur unexpectedly there are things that one can do to try and prevent them. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not a fan of semi-trucks so I take precautions when I see one near or around me – and you should too!

Remember to be aware of your surroundings. Remember that semi-trucks are huge – this causes the brakes to take full effect slower than a normal car, therefore keep your distance! If you are trying to pass a semi-truck make sure that you leave room between you and the semi-truck before going back into the lane. Last but not least, try to avoid driving next to a semi-truck.

What should you do if you were hit by a semi-truck?

Even though we can take many precautions, accidents do happen. If you were hit and injured by a semi-truck call Brooks Law Group today at 1-800-LAW-3030. Attorneys at Brooks Law Group are experienced in fighting for those who have been victims of semi-truck collisions.

Here at Brooks Law Group you are what matters and we strive to lessen your worries through these tough times so we offer free, no obligation consultations and work in a contingent basis, meaning that we don’t get paid until your case is settled.

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