damaged bicycle propped against car after collision accident

Have you been injured in a bicycle accident involving another motorist? Were you hurt while cycling (with permission) on someone’s property due to their negligence? Unfortunately, these are common scenarios often seen here in Tampa Bay.

Just last month a 15-year-old bicyclist in Hudson was killed on his way to school when he was struck from behind by a man driving a Dodge Charger. Statistics show that our state remains the most dangerous for bicyclists. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Administration), Florida led the country in bicycle-related deaths, and the Florida Crash Dashboard reports over 8,000 bicycle accidents in 2023 alone.

Tampa Bay is one of the deadliest metro areas in the state for cyclists.

Where do bicycle accidents happen most often in Tampa Bay?

While cycling accidents plague the entirety of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties top the charts for our area. Pinellas County reports more bicycle crashes, even though per capita statistics have Hillsborough leading in traffic fatalities.

Why is our area so dangerous for cyclists?

Many factors impact an area’s risk for bicycle accidents. A few reasons Tampa Bay ranks so high in bicycle injuries and fatalities include:

  • a high number of cyclists on the road due to our plentiful sunshine and year-round warm weather
  • excessive traffic thanks to urban sprawl and continued growth
  • lack of awareness of sharing the road with cyclists

We believe Florida could mitigate these problematic situations with safer bike paths along major roadways and improvements in our driver’s education courses. Training young drivers and bicyclists about safely sharing the road is a big part of preventing these accidents in the first place. A few small changes could save hundreds of lives each year.

Can I file a lawsuit for a bicycle accident?

Yes! Bicyclists (or their families in fatality cases) are entitled to legal representation if the collision was due to negligence or recklessness by another party.

Choose your attorney wisely following your accident. Find an attorney who specializes in cases like yours, and is local to the area where the accident occurred. This is key to your outcome and can make a big difference in your final settlement.

How can an accident lawyer help me?

Following an accident, many cyclists face both emotional and physical challenges. An experienced accident attorney takes away the stress of your legal pursuit so you can focus on getting better and regaining strength.

Brooks Law Group has represented countless victims of bicycle accidents who came to us in their moment of need. They counted on us to:

Establish fault and liability.

Without establishing liability, there is no case. To best determine who was at fault in your accident we:

  • gather and analyze evidence
  • dive into witness statements and police reports
  • carefully study traffic camera footage when available
  • utilize accident reconstruction reports

All of this information is key to determining who is at fault, and why the accident happened in the first place. This is the first step in building your case.

Determining the extent of damages and quantifying compensation.

Injured man in wheelchair stairs at x-ray printout looking distraught

Young leg injured man in the wheel-chair looking x-ray

Damages after a bicycle accident extend beyond medical bills. Seriously injured cyclists routinely suffer from ongoing mental trauma, lost wages, property damage, long-term pain, and more. Only by determining the extent of the damages can your legal team best negotiate a settlement amount on your behalf.

Meeting deadlines and providing timely legal action.

In Florida, bicycle accidents (same as pedestrian or vehicle accidents) have a statute of limitations. If you miss posted deadlines, you could lose the option of taking your case to court. Experienced attorneys meet these deadlines. They handle your case quickly and efficiently.

Brooks Law Group is Tampa Bay’s top choice for injured cyclists.

At Brooks Law Group, we are passionate about making our roads safer for bicyclists. Many of our team members enjoy biking and routinely spend time on our local roads and trails. We believe bicycle accident victims deserve quality representation they can trust.

Call us for your free consultation following your accident, and learn more about our team’s dedication to victims like you. We are happy to help you better understand the legal process following your accident, and with our contingency fee system, you don’t pay a cent unless we win.

When bicycle accidents happen on Tampa’s roads, always Look to Brooks.

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