Last week, a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in New Tampa. According to a news report in Friday evening’s online edition of the Tampa Bay Times, a driver “stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of Commerce Palms and Compton Drive but did not see approaching. Her 2008 Pontiac G6 struck the motorcycle and was ejected. He went through the rear left side window of the Pontiac and became lodged in the back seat.”

Sadly, the motorcyclist died at the scene. Many motorcycle accidents are fatal accidents to the drivers and passengers on motorcycles, because they are thrown from the motorcycle and experience massive traumatic injury on impact. Brooks Law Group handles wrongful death claims in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents to compensate families of victims of deadly traffic accidents. While we are experienced in providing compassionate legal representation to grieving families, we wish families did not have to go through pain of losing a loved one in an accident.

There are many ways that fatal motorcycle accidents can be prevented. These safety precautions apply to both motorcycle riders and to drivers of passenger vehicles.

Tips For Motorcyclists

1. Wear the right gear: Wearing a helmet and protective gear prevents fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident. Although adult motorcycle riders in Florida are not required to wear helmets, wearing one can save your life.

2. Be noticed: Drivers commonly cause motorcycle accidents when they fail to see an oncoming motorcyclist. Even though it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure the roadway is clear before entering, anything a motorcyclist can do to make their bike more visible can help. This includes bright colors on the motorcycle, lights, and even the sound level of the bike.

3. Obey speed restrictions: Speed limits and other driving restrictions are in place for a reason. In addition to preventing the traumatic injuries that can come from high-xspeed crashes, driving the speed limit or lower also allows greater reaction time to prevent accidents.

4. Ride in the right place: Motorcyclists need to remember to stay out of blind spots, never ride tandem in one lane, and stay out of the right lane on multi-lane highways, if possible. Taking these measures can minimize the risk of being struck by a merging vehicle.

Tips For Car And Truck Drivers

5. Check twice: A crucial safety tip for preventing motorcycle accidents and many other types of accidents is to simply ­check twice. When at any type of intersection, drivers should look both ways multiple times to ensure that the road is clear.

6. Listen up: Motorcycles make noise – in addition to being a function of the bike, it also doubles as a safety mechanism. Drivers should all keep music in their car to a minimum so that they will be able to hear sirens, motorcycles, and other drivers’ horns.

7. Don’t drive distracted: Distractions are most often thought of as texting and talking on the phone while driving, but they can also include anything from eating behind the wheel to turning to speak with children in the backseat. If you have a distraction, pull over and handle the matter before continuing on the road. No phone call, meal, or conversation is worth getting into an accident for.

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