Central Florida is a mecca for people wanting to get away from winter weather, and we can understand why Winter Haven is a hot spot (literally) for tourists. During the holiday season, it’s common for the roads in and around Polk County to become very busy with people from out of state who have come to soak up the sunshine and make merry in shorts and flip flops. Unfortunately, these busy roads can become very dangerous, as distraction is a huge issue for modern-day drivers and leads to some startling statistics each year.

In the last few years alone,

Distracted driving has been responsible for 15% of all crashes resulting in injuries and for 8% of all fatal crashes.

An estimated 400,000 people were injured in accidents involving a distracted driver.

Cell phone use is directly attributed to at least 13% of all fatal distracted driving crashes

What is distracted driving though, and how can you protect yourself (and others) from becoming a victim?

Distracted driving is, essentially, self-explanatory. It simply means to be responsible for operating a vehicle (driving) while you’re distracted by other tasks/activity around you. That task or activity could be answering your phone, texting, looking up directions on the GPS, reaching into the backseat for something, eating, drinking, or simply engaging with other passengers. No matter what it is, the distraction is enough to pull your total attention off the road around you, and that puts you and others at risk of a collision. Instead of taking that chance, it’s always worth pulling off the road to deal with the issue at hand (like taking care of a child, eating/drinking, or answering your phone) or putting off the task until you reach your destination. For distractions like looking up directions, a hands-free device is a big asset for driving safely.

The team at Brooks Law Group encourages car safety and responsibility, and we believe distracted driving can and should be prevented. If you or someone you love has been injured by a distracted driver, don’t fight alone. Call our team for a no-obligation consultation and let us get the justice and compensation you deserve as you move forward and heal. Winter Haven residents know and trust us to support them from the very first meeting until the day their case is closed. We’re here for you. Look to Brooks!

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