serious motorcycle accidents

If you are a driver in the U.S. over the age of 16, you spent an average of 50.6 minutes a day driving in 2016. Anything could happen on those roads, from serious motorcycle accidents to a one car crash. One thing you definitely see during those 50.6 minutes every day? Trucks.

Truck accidents happen every day, such as when a man in St. Petersburg attempted to pass a Sedan and a Ford truck and lost control of his bike, getting hit by both vehicles and causing a serious motorcycle accident. Many different factors play into why an accident happens, but you can prepare yourself to avoid them.

Follow these five tips to avoid a truck accident.

  1. Get A Good Night of Sleep
    You can’t drive safely if you aren’t awake. It’s estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2013 that driving while drowsy caused approximate 72,000 crashes. Being awake – and not just on a coffee buzz – will help you prepare for anything.
  2. Drive Defensively
    Many people do not know what it takes to drive a large truck or commercial truck. It’s up to you to be aware of other drivers’ actions and know how to handle your truck on the road. If you signal during lane changes, slow down for other cars and keep your eyes alert to your mirrors at all times, you’ll defend yourself against allegations of negligence or misconduct and keep the roads safe.
  3. Keep Up Your Truck
    You can’t control where something will land if it flies off of your truck, but you can control if something is loose enough to come off. In 2018, a woman near Rockledge narrowly avoided serious injuries when a piece of plywood flew off another truck and hit her windshield. Pay attention to things such as any loose parts on your truck or the tire pressure, and you’ll avoid a malfunction and causing any serious motorcycle accidents or car pile ups.
  4. Watch the Weather
    Your giant truck might make you feel invincible, but I promise, you’re not. When snow falls, slow down a bit. If the rain gets to be too hard, pull over to the side. Motorcyclists know not to drive in bad weather to avoid serious motorcycle accidents, so you should take precautions as well.
  5. Follow Truck Regulations
    This is especially important for anyone hauling large loads or driving a semi-truck. Know the maximum and minimum trailer length. Understand how much weight you are allowed to carry. Secure and balance all of your loads. Not only does your life depend upon it, but so does everyone else on the road, as well.

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